Yeh Rishta Kaira Union on Teej 11th September Twist

Yeh Rishta Kaira Union on Teej 11th September Twist

Yeh Rishta Kaira Union on Teej 11th September Twist Vedika keeps the fast for Kartik on Teej. Because of the prolonged stress, Vedika falls weak. She faints down. Naira takes care of Vedika. She calls Kartik and Goenkas to attend Vedika. Vedika was excited to celebrate Teej, but the fast doesn’t get possible. Naira saves Vedika from falling down the stairs. Everyone is worried for Vedika and call a doctor home. The doctor suggests them that Vedika shouldn’t continue the fast, that could spoil her health. He asks them to feed some liquids to Vedika. Vedika gets upset that she couldn’t keep the fast.

Naira too keeps the fast for Kartik. Vedika and family don’t know about Naira’s fast. Naira tells them that Teej isn’t for her. She secretly keeps the fast. Kartik hopes that Naira has kept the fast for him. He isn’t sure that she loves him still. He loves her a lot. He gets mistaken when he finds Naira having food. He doesn’t see that she is feeding Kairav and isn’t eating food. Naira doesn’t want to express her fast to the family. Kartik gets upset and assumes that she has eaten the food. He feels lost once again.

He wished Naira and his Teej to be memorable. Naira goes to the terrace to complete her Teej puja. Kartik expresses love for Naira indirectly. Kartik is confused over Naira’s fast. Naira recalls having the Sargi/food early morning to keep the fast for Naira. Naira cries on her life’s situation. She asks Kartik not to remind her about Teej so often. She tells him that she doesn’t care for him and didn’t keep any fast. Kartik do cares for Naira. He wishes his relationship with Naira gets fine. He doesn’t know how to find a solution to void his marriage with Vedika. Kartik and Naira are together in front of Kairav. He is happy that his parents are happy together and celebrating the festive.

Kartik realizes that Naira has been keeping the fast for him all the years when she was away in Goa. Kartik completes Naira’s Teej fast heartily when she faints in front of him. Kartik runs to feed her the water, while she sees the moon and breaks her fast. Kartik and Naira celebrate Teej after five years, very much together, bound in a magical moment. Goenkas witness Naira’s fast for Kartik and get judging her for the big move, when she had abandoned Kartik years ago. Naira gets questioned by Goenkas for her fast. Suwarna realizes Naira’s love for Kartik. The truth gives happiness to Kartik, while Dadi and Vedika get in tension. Are you awaiting Yeh Rishta Kaira Union?

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