Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely plans the unthinkable

Kulfi Kumar Starplus Prime Lovely foolish evil move

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Lovely plans the unthinkable Kulfi goes to find Amyra. She tries to stop Amyra. Amyra meets her new friends. She loses in the gambling. She doesn’t have money. She thought she will win much money. She has to return money to the men. She tells them that she will pay money after getting it from home. Amyra falls in trouble when the men refuse to let her go home. They tell her that they will also come along to take money. She doesn’t want Kulfi to know anything about her gambling. She swears to get money from Kulfi. Kulfi finds Amyra with the bad people. The men try to catch Kulfi. Amyra calls Sikandar to inform him that Kulfi is in much trouble. Sikandar wants to know where is Kulfi. Amyra informs him about the place.

The restaurant owner promises to help Sikandar, since the place isn’t safe for the kids. Sikandar doesn’t want his help. He rushes to find Kulfi and save her. Kulfi hides from the evil men. On the other hand, Nihalo and Lovely share their common bitter feelings for Kulfi. Lovely tells Nihalo that Kulfi has become her enemy now. Nihalo tells Lovely that Kulfi would have got rich now. She is happy that her life changed now. She wants to take revenge on Kulfi. Lovely tells Nihalo that she had forgiven Kulfi before, and mended their relations, but Kulfi had taken revenge for Nimrat’s accident. Nihalo wants to kidnap Kulfi for money.

Sikandar reaches Kulfi on time. He warns the men against hurting Kulfi. He fights them to save his daughter. The restaurant owner stop the men from beating Sikandar. He tells the men that Sikandar is an artist and now he is his friend. He makes the men apologize to Sikandar. Sikandar takes Kulfi to the chawl. He scolds her for going to the bad place. Kulfi covers up Amyra’s name and cries. The people get to witness this. Sikandar gets money from Kulfi.


He misunderstands her and scolds her. Amyra cries and accepts her mistake. She tells him that truth and apologizes. Sikandar feels he is failing to keep them happy. He tells them that he didn’t teach them to get money by wrong way. Amyra expresses how she was facing the troubles by poverty. She wanted to gamble to get money. She didn’t wish to fall in any new problems. Nihalo and Lovely try to plan the explosion to divert the jailer. Sikandar introduces the people and their earnings. He tells Amyra that respect is earned by hard work, not their money.

He asks Amyra and Kulfi to learn being honest and not run after money. He regrets that Amyra had gone on the wrong path. He feels he couldn’t give them good upbringing. The chawl people encourage the kids. They ask Sikandar to punish Amyra for her mistake, so that she changes her thinking. Amyra apologizes to Sikandar when he teaches her the meaning of life. Nihalo and Lovely plan their escape. They want to plant problems in Kulfi’s life. Lovely plans the unthinkable, that’s to ruin Kulfi’s life.

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