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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Tellyreviews Spoilers Today Kumkum Bhagya more Abhi and Pragya save the chandelier from falling down when the smugglers cut down the rope at both ends. They look at each other happily. The long wait seems to have finally ended. Abhi comes to Dadi. Dadi tells that she said that she will come. Purab says she is in City hospital. Abhi says he will go and come. The smugglers plan to wear the mask and kidnap someone to get the smuggled gold on Ganapati’s idol. The boss of the smuggler asks whom? The smuggler signs at Rhea and says Abhishek Mehra’s daughter. Prachi tells Rhea about seeing the goons in the function whom they had seen on the road. Rhea is shocked.

Bahu Begum: Noor feels humiliated by Azaan and thinks to take revenge on Shayra for the insult. The guest lady asks Azaan about Noor’s Muh Dikhayi rasam and says whatever they had brought for Noor, had presented to Shayra. Azaan asks the ladies to give 100 Rs each to Noor and says she will be happy. Shayra gets tensed while Noor fumes in anger. Later, Noor makes Kheer in the kitchen for the first rasoi. She tells Azaan that he has already ruined her muh dikhayi rasam, but don’t ruin the first rasoi. She makes him taste sheer khurma made by her. Azaan spits it and says the sheer khurma made by you are just like you, ruined the taste buds just as I tasted. Noor gets upset and sad.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Bhujang finds out about Shalaka being Maha Maya’s naagin. Adhiraj takes Chunnu out of the house to take him to his house and asks why did he enter Maha Maya’s house? Chunnu says he was feeling thirsty. Adhiraj says he shall not go to anyone’s house like that and says if anything had happened to him then? Chunnu says nothing had happened as Didi saved him. Adhiraj asks which Didi? Chunnu makes an excuse and tells that he is talking about the Didi who was in the house. Mohini comes to meet Bhujang. Bhujang scolds her for not killing Adhiraj till now and then gives her a magical knife, says it shall return only after killing Adhiraj.

Shakti: Soumya wants to concentrate on Heer’s physical fitness. While Heer refuses to run and do as Soumya said. Soumya emotionally blackmails Heer and leaves the house. Heer thinks Gulabo left house because of her and she has to do something to bring her back. She decides to practice running later in the night and gets afraid. Vedant comes and holds her hand. Vedant returns in Soumya’s life shockingly.

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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Snoopy diverts Mayura’s attention towards the drainage lid and she gets shocked to see the tunnel. She jumps inside the tunnel and enters secret room. She finds Rivaaj’s image through the projector screen. She recalls seeing Rivaaj in the market and understands that he is in the house and not Ram. She faints thinking she got married to Rivaaj and not Ram. She gains consciousness hearing Snoopy barking seeing Rivaaj and gets alerted.

Premlatha gets upset seeing Tashi’s message that she left house with Roop. Rivaaj refuses to call her back. Mayura comes back, recalls the happenings, then realizes that she has married Ram only. She then thinks about their fight and Ram getting beaten by the Police. She thanks God for not letting her marriage happen with devil Rivaaj and determines to search Ram. She calls someone and gives him money to find Ram. Premlatha sees her talking to the man and thinks what is she doing and thinks to tell Rivaaj.

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhaari: Raju enters Gudiya’s life as the neighbor next door. Sarla hopes to see them together. Gudiya and Raju play with each other. Sweety likes their Jodi and tells Jia. Raju steals the jewelry from Gudiya’s house when she comes there and smiles looking at him. Raju falls on the bed scared of being caught.


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