Kahaan Hum Rohit realizes love for Sonakshi

Rohit Sonakshi Unexpected Split next in Kahaan Hum

Kahaan Hum Rohit realizes love for Sonakshi Sonakshi and Rohan attempt to save Rohit from Mhatre’s goons. Rohit and Sonakshi try to save each other. They succeed to trick the goons and escape. They land in the cold storage. Their distance gets ending. Rohit falls in love with Sonakshi. He feels she is something good that happened with him. He asks Sonakshi not to madly care for him. Sonakshi reminds his crazy love for Raima. He asks her not to talk about Raima. He tells Sonakshi that she doesn’t need to make any sacrifice for him or his family. He argues to keep her conscious. When she stops answering him and faints, Rohit gets worried for her. He gets timely help from his family.

Rohit gets Sonakshi home. His family teases him about his romance with Sonakshi. Rohit gets shy answering them. Veena saves Rohit from the leg-pulling. She is proud that Rohit proved himself as a good life partner. Veena wants Rohit to settle down with Sonakshi. Rohit tells her about Sonakshi’s invite for Ganpati Visarjan. Sippy’s look forward to meet Sonakshi again.

Sonakshi gets busy in the arrangements. She shares her feelings with Bappa. She is thankful that Bappa has really ended her problems. She tells Bappa that she loves Rohit and wants him to stay happy in his life. She feels there is no hope that Raima will come back to Rohit. She wishes Rohit moves on in life since he misses love. She feels Rohit changed a lot. She loves his new change since he turned sweet from rude. She prays that she wins Rohit’s love.

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