Kulfi Kumar Lovely returns to strike Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely returns to strike Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Lovely returns to strike Sikandar Amyra apologizes to Sikandar for her mistakes. She gives the wrongly earned money to the poor kids. She promises that she won’t repeat her mistake again. Lovely and Nihalo mislead the jailer. They trick the jailer and run away. They hide inside the goods truck. Jailer realizes that two prisoners have escaped. Lovely and Nihalo want to get away from the jail limits. Jailer tries to stop the truck. Sikandar bonds with the chawl people. He feels he has to become a mother for his daughters. He is happy that Amyra is changing from the heart. Lovely pushes Nihalo and apologizes to her. Nihalo gets caught by the police. She realizes Lovely is very smart and selfish. Lovely sacrifices Nihalo to get her own freedom.

Lovely manages to escape. She just thinks of Amyra. Sikandar wants to prepare something for the chawl people. Amyra tells them that they should bake a cake. She misses the oven. Kulfi tells her that they can bake the cake even without the oven. They make the cake using the pan. They bake the perfect cake. They get happy. Amyra’s friend calls her and insults her. Amyra gets emotional. She tells Kulfi that she didn’t expect her friends to insult her. Sikandar explains to her that true friends are more with a person in sorrowful times.

He asks her not to cry for friends who were with her only in good times. Kulfi pacifies Amyra. She feeds her the cake and asks her to be happy.
Sikandar asks them to make good friends. Lovely hides from the police and sits in the beggar’s line. She gets saved from the police. She gets angry when people give her money. She goes to the chawl to see Amyra. She gets emotional on seeing her daughter after a long time. She wants to meet her. She recalls Sikandar’s words. She gets too worried. She wants Sikandar to repent. She gets revengeful recalling the past. She wants to strike his happiness. Amyra meets her friends.

Sikandar asks Amyra not to lie further and admit the truth that they are living in the chawl. Amyra shares the truth with her friends. She makes Sikandar proud. Lovely wants to get inside the chawl. Kulfi finds Amyra’s friends teasing her. She wants to teach them a lesson. She takes a stand for Amyra. Lovely tries to take Amyra with her. She looks for a chance to reach Amyra.

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