Kahaan Hum Spoilers Impressive filmi avatars

Kahaan Hum Spoiler Surprising Union of Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Spoilers Impressive filmi avatars Sonakshi invites Rohit and Sippys for Ganpati Visarjan. Sonakshi gets amazed that all her friends, unit members and fans have come to her place to celebrate the festival with her. She is grateful that Rohit has cleared her name from the police case. Rohit makes a heroic entry for Sonakshi. He knows that she will like the filmi entry. He wants to add fun and twists at the moment. He tells Sonakshi that his stunning entry was just meant for her. Rohit impresses Sonakshi. He gets impressed by her traditional look. He compliments her for her looks. The Dhol artists fail to come because of the rains.

Rohit asks Sonakshi not to worry. He tells Sonakshi that his family is really big and Sippys will play the Dhol. He solves her problems like always. They both play Dhols and dance. The families unite. They want Rohit and Sonakshi to perform the Ganpati Visarjan together. Netra gets a piece of good news for Sonakshi. She gets Sonakshi back on the show. Sonakshi becomes Parvati for her fans again. Sonakshi is happy that Ganpati has really taken away all her problems, and sent Rohit as an angel for her.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Kainat wants to start a new life with Zaroon. She has sacrificed her face to get Zaroon’s life. She hides her truth from Zaroon. He misses to see her in Kainat’s style. She plans a photoshoot with Zaroon, so that she never gets reminded of Saltanat. On the other hand, Madhav gets Ganpati idol in his house. He gets angry when he finds Saltanat wearing his wife’s saree. Saltanat gets tricked by Sneha again. Sneha lies to Saltanat and handed over the sarees to her. Krish asks Saltanat to perform the aarti, but Madhav stops her.

Saltanat gets upset with him and asks the reason for stopping her. He reveals that she is from a Muslim family, and can’t perform the aarti. Madhav tells her that she should recall her past. She recalls her meet with Zaroon. When she names Zaroon, Madhav gets a huge shock. He lands in confusion. Zaroon gets romantic with Kainat, assuming her to be his wife Saltanat. Kainat wants Zaroon to reciprocate her love. She is happy that he is getting close to her. She just wants Zaroon. Zaroon doesn’t connect with Kainat. He feels uncomfortable when she is with her. He tells her that they should take some time before moving on. His reaction angers Kainat.


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