Kasautii Star Plus Today Mr Bajaj voids the accusations

Kasautii Star Plus Today Mr Bajaj voids the accusations

Kasautii Star Plus Today Mr. Bajaj voids the accusations Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s confrontation goes on. She gets accusing him of deliberately attacking Anurag. She asks him how could he commit any accident randomly and not help the injured person. He asks her not to blame him and take his clarification for once. He feels her trust in him is breaking since she isn’t ready to listen to anything. Prerna tells him that he wanted to kill Anurag and planned this accident. He asks her to better question him or blame him. She is much angry and thinks of Anurag’s critical state. He comes up with a kiddish explanation that he wasn’t in senses and just hit Anurag on seeing him in front of the car as if human life doesn’t mean anything to him.

He gets so casual in his clarification and expects his wife to believe his words, that he didn’t plan Anurag’s accident, it was just an unfortunate thing. He tells her that he didn’t think of killing Anurag, even when he dislikes him a lot. Doctor finds Anurag not responding to the treatment. He asks Shivani to call anyone from Anurag’s family to whom he is more attached by heart so that he responds on hearing that dear person’s call. He wants Shivani to quickly inform the family and not make any delay since Anurag is sinking.

Shivani panics on knowing this. She doesn’t want to call Prerna, believing Prerna’s love for Anurag is dead post her marriage with Mr. Bajaj. Nivedita gets blaming Prerna for Anurag’s sorrow. She feels Prerna is a gold digger and she is responsible for Anurag’s life destruction. Anupam doesn’t know that they should just blame Prerna. He tells Nivedita that they should bring Anurag on the right path. He realizes Anurag is getting obsessed with Prerna.

Shivani feels Mohini’s love for her son is much pure. She calls Mohini and breaks the unfortunate news about the accident. Mohini and Nivedita shatter with the news. They don’t think of anything else than their Anurag. Mohini also madly runs out of the house, just like Prerna did. Maasi learns about Anurag’s accident. He thinks if this has happened purposely. She thinks that Anurag had earlier blamed Mr. Bajaj for attempting to kill him. She thinks if Mr. Bajaj can really do this. Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna that the accident was not intentional, Anurag came in front of the car and got knocked down in a second.

He explains that his move was just according to the situation. He asks Prerna not to express her concern for Anurag so much. She scolds him and tells him that life doesn’t run on assumptions, Anurag isn’t at home but admitted in the hospital in a critical state. She asks him to be ready to answer Mohini and face her wrath. He tells her that he can take responsibility of his mistake and inform Mohini about the accident.

feels Mr. Bajaj didn’t commit this accident purposely, but he will get blamed by everyone. Maasi realizes their relationship is strong. She wants to strike on their relation to break them apart. She wants to fake illness and stop Prerna from going to Anurag. She wants to test Prerna, so that Mr. Bajaj loses trust on her. Prerna curses herself. She is also worried that Mr. Bajaj will be blamed. He feels bad seeing her tears. Mohini and family meet Anurag. They get shattered seeing him. Doctor asks them to try to speak to Anurag and revive his senses so that he gets saved. He asks Mohini to make Anurag feel how important he is for the family.

Mohini gets emotionally broken down and begs Anurag to get up. She wants Anurag to come back to them. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna not to blame herself. He assures that he will get best doctors for Anurag. She asks him not to interfere further, Basus can hire anyone for Anurag’s treatment. She tells him that Anurag’s life isn’t a business deal. She gets too upset. Shivani thinks Anurag will respond on hearing Prerna. She wants to call Prerna for saving Anurag’s life.

Prerna wants to see Anurag. Shivani informs Prerna about Anurag’s non-responsive state. She asks Prerna to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Shivani reveals Mr. Bajaj’s name to Basus. She informs Mohini that Mr. Bajaj is behind Anurag’s accident. Mohini pledges to ruin Mr. Bajaj. What will Mohini do against Mr. Bajaj? Keep reading.

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