Bepannah Gathbandhan Sardaarni Colors Top 3 Highlights

Bepannah Gathbandhan Sardaarni Colors Top 3 Highlights

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Bepannah Gathbandhan Sardaarni Colors Top 3 Highlights Dhanak and Raghu get close during her sister’s wedding preparations. Dhanak blesses her sister. She wants happiness to stay high. She finds Raghu upset. She is also emotional. She doesn’t want Raghu to feel guilty. She relieves him from tensions. She asks him to enjoy the Haldi function. Dhanaj gets hurt during the function. Raghu gets caring for her. She has lost her job because of an evil conspiracy. Raghu failed to get justice for Dhanak. He gets unhappy with the series of events.

Bepannah Pyaar:

Pragati meets a deadly accident. Raghbir rescues her. He rushes her to the hospital. He is emotional and fears to lose her. He cares for Pragati and stays by her side. The doctor tells the family that Pragati’s state isn’t stable. Raghbir wants her to come back to life. He recalls the moment when he lost Bani in the same way. He connects the dots. He feels Pragati resembles Bani a lot. For once, he thinks Pragati is Bani. He gets confused by his feelings for Pragati. Raghbir blames his mum for provoking Pragati and leading to the accident. Pragati’s horrible accident breaks down Raghbir. He gets angered on his family.

Colors Top 3 Highlights Choti Sardaarni:
Meher and Sarabjeet together look after Param. She tells him that she has dealt with the same situation when Yuvi fell ill. She asks Sarabjeet to believe her and let her handle Param. Sarabjeet knows that she will not harm Param. But, he doesn’t trust her completely. Meher finally cures Param, for which Sarabjeet gets thankful. She treats Param like a doctor would have done. She expresses her genuine concern for Param. Sarabjeet has his own fears about his son’s emotions.

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