Kumkum Bhagya Purab to risk life for Disha

Kumkum Bhagya Purab to risk life for Disha

Kumkum Bhagya Purab to risk life for Disha Purab and Disha try to sort out their differences. Aaliya fakes her good behaviour and asks Disha to stay back in the puja. Disha wants to leave, but Purab asks her to stay back. Sahil and his goons plan to rob the jewellery. Meera struggles to get free. She wants to alert the family about Sahil. Purab feels Aaliya didn’t find him with Disha. Aaliya observes them and knows their bonding increasing. She just stays silent to know Purab’s motives. Meera wants to call the police and save the family. Sahil wants people to sleep after the smoke spreads. He asks his goons to finish their work and leave. Meera wishes to get some help.

She gets help from Prachi. Prachi finds her worried. Meera tells her about the gold smugglers, who can get dangerous for the family. She asks Prachi to alert Abhi and Vikram. She wishes to stop the puja, so that the havan smoke doesn’t faint the people gathered. Prachi and Meera rush to the family to stop the havan. Meera exposes the smugglers. Ranbir saves his family. The goons try to spread the smoke. Prachi pours water in the havan kund to put off the fire. Sahil gets Rhea at knifepoint. The goon wants to kill her and take revenge. Aaliya takes a step to save Rhea. The ladies treat the goons in their unique style.

They bash up the goons and prove women power. The funny conversation of Ranbir and Prachi troubles Sahil. Ranbir bashes up Sahil. He saves Prachi from getting hurt. The goon gets Disha at gunpoint, which shocks Purab. Purab is ready to die to save Disha. Purab doesn’t want anyone in the family to get hurt, especially Disha. Sahil shoots at Purab and Ranbir. They get saved. Purab asks Sahil to leave Disha free. He expresses his love for Disha. Abhi makes a timely entry.

He bashes the goons once again with the help of the crazy family. Abhi gets the smugglers arrested. He feels happy that all the problems got over finally. Prachi returns home after the chaos in Abhi’s house come to an end. Disha misses Purab in her life. She senses Purab has come to meet her. She finds Ritvik at the door. She doesn’t get happy seeing him. He gets irritating her. He shares his problems with her. He tells her that he has broken up with Veronica, when she asked him for marriage.

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He doesn’t want to settle down with her. Disha asks him to get married to Veronica if she has got sure about him. Disha laughs on his madness. She makes him out of her house. He tells her that he has lost his wallet and he has no place to go. On the contrary, Aaliya stays disturbed and senses Purab still has feelings for Disha. She gets avoiding him. Purab wants to clarify to her about Disha. Aaliya shows understanding to avoid the topic.

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