Yeh Rishta Naira exposes Akhilesh; Kartik in shock

Yeh Rishta Naira exposes Akhilesh; Kartik in shock

Yeh Rishta Naira exposes Akhilesh; Kartik in shock Manish gets angry on Akhilesh for coming late and not respecting Surekha’s fast. Akhilesh apologizes to him. He asks Surekha to go ahead with the fast rituals. Naira has been keeping the fast for Kartik always. She wishes he stays happy. She touches his picture, which Kartik senses. Naira cries on their distanced relation. Kartik gets restless. Naira stays upset. She finds Surekha and Akhilesh arguing for the first time. She gets Akhilesh’s other phone and questions Vansh. She wants to know about the phone, when Liza calls on it. Naira learns that Liza was dating a Goenka. She tries to show the family picture to Liza to get an answer.

She learns that Akhilesh is Liza’s boyfriend. She can’t believe this. She wants to confront Akhilesh. She is angry that Akhilesh cheated Liza in love and also his wife Surekha. She feels she shouldn’t let injustice happen with Liza and Surekha. She decides to talk to Kartik first before confronting Akhilesh. Naira meets Kartik and feels odd seeing ‘Naira’ tattoo on his hand. Kartik wants to say that he still loves her. She wants to discuss her plan of action with Kartik, so that things don’t get worse in the family. Kartik wants to know what is so urgent.

They face hurdles, while they try to talk. Kartik asks Naira what does she want to say. Naira fails to tell him about Akhilesh. Kairav surprises them by asking them to make a hand statue. He unites Kartik and Naira once again. Vedika finds it getting odd. Everyone realizes that Kairav is bringing Kartik and Naira together. Kartik finds the family intervening a lot. He fails to talk to Naira at home, and meets her at a restaurant. Naira exposes Akhilesh’s truth, that he was dating Liza and cheated her. Kartik can’t believe this shocking thing. Vedika follows Kartik and finds him with Naira, which breaks her heart. Vedika doubts that Kartik wants to reconcile with Naira.

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