Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kidnapping drama begins

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kidnapping drama begins

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Kidnapping drama begins Sikandar calls the kids for their big performance. The chawl people are excited to watch the little kids performing. Lovely takes the Ganpati avatar. She wears the Ganpati costume and comes for the performance. She sees Sikandar and recalls that he had sent her to the jail, without showing any mercy. She gets angry by the sight. She wants to find Amyra. She finds all the costumes looking similar. She thinks who has changed the costumes. Raju tells them that one of the rat costume didn’t had the tail, so he has cut the tail from all the costumes.

He wants the kids to look the same. He asks the kids to perform. The kids give an amazing performance. Lovely recognizes Amyra’s dance step and finds her. She keeps an eye on her. She thinks to kidnap Amyra and take her. When Matka follows Lovely’s orders and switches off the lights, Lovely rushes to get Amyra with her. The chawl people like the dance performance. They restore the power line. They find a kid missing. They ask the kids to remove the masks. They want to know who is missing. Lovely tells Amyra that she missed her a lot and wants to take her along. She removes her mask and sees Kulfi. Sikandar realizes that Kulfi is missing.

He wants to know where did she go. He gets searching for Kulfi. Kulfi asks Lovely to send her back to Sikandar. She begs Lovely to leave her. Lovely tells her that she wanted to take Amyra with her, she didn’t intend to kidnap her. She gets angry on Kulfi. Sikandar fails to find Kulfi. He gets help from the restaurant owner. Lovely calls Sikandar to threaten him. She tells Sikandar that she will kill Kulfi if he informs the police. She gets dangerous in her speech. She asks him to return Amyra to her if he wants Kulfi back. He gets worried. He doesn’t tell anything to Amyra. Police arrives in the chawl. Inspector informs him that Lovely has escaped. Sikandar hides the fact that Lovely has kidnapped Kulfi and is threatening him now.

He tells the police that he has no idea about Lovely. He is sure to handle the matter himself. He lies to the people that Kulfi has gone to meet her friend. Himmat wonders if he is lying. The owner asks the lady constables to find Kulfi and keep an eye on Sikandar for his safety. He feels Sikandar is a gem and wants to protect him. Amyra finds Sikandar too worried. She asks him the reason for the tension. He hugs her and doesn’t know what to tell her, when she asks if Kulfi is in danger. She feels Sikandar is hiding some huge problem. The chawl people want to help Sikandar. Sikandar takes Amyra to Lovely.



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