Kasautii Latest Bajaj and Moloy’s secret connection unveils

Kasautii Latest Bajaj and Moloy's secret connection unveils

Kasautii Latest Bajaj and Moloy’s secret connection unveils Mohini watches the miracle happening because of Prerna. Doctors tell her that Prerna should be with Anurag for more time so that he responds to her voice. Mohini feels Prerna is really affecting Anurag. She realizes that Anurag truly loves Prerna. She just wants Anurag to stay fine. She requests Mr. Bajaj to let Prerna be with Anurag. He leaves the decision to Prerna. He doesn’t want to take her decisions, as he decides for his office employees. He pays respect to Prerna. He feels calm while dealing with Basus, which gets surprising for himself as well. He thinks its the positive effect of Prerna. Maasi and Tanvi realize that Mr. Bajaj is melting heart because of Prerna.

Maasi asks Tanvi to consider Anurag as a life partner. Tanvi doesn’t know what is she planning. Maasi tells Tanvi that maybe Mr. Bajaj has fallen in love with Prerna. She wants to get her photos back from Mohini so that the latter doesn’t blackmail her further. Maasi and Tanvi try their best and get the photos from Mohini’s room. The family finds Anurag conscious and stable. Anurag wants Prerna to stay with them. Prerna doesn’t want to leave him. Mr. Bajaj fears that he will lose Prerna to Anurag. He doesn’t want his thinking to change. He feels falling weak in emotions.

Maasi learns Mr. Bajaj’s motive, that was to ruin Basu family. She tells Tanvi that Mr. Bajaj is limiting his revenge after seeing Prerna’s love for the family. Prerna clears the doctor’s misunderstanding that she isn’t Anurag’s wife. Moloy and Mohini realize Prerna and Anurag’s strong love. Mr. Bajaj is falling in love with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj’s hidden connection with Basus will slowly unveil. Mr. Bajaj’s strong revenge motive gets known, when it gets revealed that he is Moloy’s son. A twist in the tale will come with Mr. Bajaj and Anurag’s not so brotherly affection, yet brotherly bond getting revealed.

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