Kulfi Kumar Bajewala lands in grave danger again

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala lands in grave danger again

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala lands in grave danger again The chawl people are worried that Kulfi is missing. They want Kulfi to come back and perform the Ganpati Visarjan. They want to give the surprising rights to Kulfi. They go to call Sikandar. They don’t see Sikandar and Amyra. They get worried knowing Sikandar has gone from the backside route. They try to find Sikandar. They stop Sikandar and tell him that they are one family now and will help them. Sikandar gets emotional. He sends Amyra away for a while. He tells Lovely’s threatening matter to the chawl people. They get worried knowing the truth. They know that Sikandar doesn’t want to take their help, but they convince him. They really want to help him.

He tells them that they can’t come with him, since it can be troubling for Kulfi. He asks Raju to help him. He takes him along while he meets Lovely. He goes to meet Lovely and shows Amyra. Lovely gets angry on Sikandar for getting stranger along. She asks him to send away the stranger. Amyra worriedly tries to stop their fight. She asks Sikandar to let her talk to Lovely once. Lovely asks Sikandar to see how Amyra is restless to meet her. She tells Amyra that Sikandar didn’t think twice and got her here just to save Kulfi’s life. She tells Sikandar doesn’t love Amyra. She gets brainwashing Amyra. Lovely hugs Amyra. She yells at Sikandar.

She tells Amyra that Sikandar just loves Kulfi, not them. He asks her about Kulfi. Lovely doesn’t want to tell them anything. Lovely asks Amyra not to interrupt between them. She tells that Sikandar has nothing to do with them, all he cares about is Kulfi. She asks Amyra not to support selfish Sikandar. Amyra defends her father. She tells Lovely that Sikandar told her everything and she is proud of him. She wants Lovely to just tell them about Kulfi. She tells Lovely that they won’t go without Kulfi. Lovely doesn’t want to tell about Kulfi. She wants Sikandar to shed tears and cry. Sikandar begs her to reveal the truth.

Lovely tells him that Kulfi will be close, but he won’t be able to find her. Sikandar calls the police. The police arrives to arrest Lovely. She refuses to reveal anything about Kulfi. Lovely goes away, while Sikandar asks the chawp people to just find Kulfi. He gets too depressed. Amyra cries seeing him in tension. She goes to pray to Bappa, that they find Kulfi soon. She wants Kulfi back. Matka tells Amyra that Lovely lied to him to get help. Sikandar consoles Amyra. Kulfi is still in the chawl, but hidden from Sikandar. Lovely had put Kulfi in huge danger. Will Sikandar be able to save Kulfi’s life? Keep reading.


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