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Spoilers Alert Shakti Kahaan Hum Sanjivani more Rohit realizes Sonakshi’s love when he finds her begging to the Church priest for his sake. Sonakshi wants Rohit’s happiness, be it with anyone. Rohit falls for her selfless and helpful side. He feels he has been unfair with Sonakshi to yell at her and vent out his anger for his own mistakes. He apologizes to Sonakshi. He soon gets guidance from Father to realize his inner feelings. He realizes that he was clinging to Raima’s memories, but Raima is nowhere in his heart now, since Sonakshi has filled that place. Rohit realizes his true feelings for Sonakshi. He feels happy with this realization.

Rohit has always held Raima’s memories close to his heart. He realizes that he has to move on in life, since Raima can never return to him. He sees the watch gifted by Raima. Rohit decides to forget Raima. He accepts his feelings for Sonakshi. Veena asks him to have a good life with Sonakshi. Rohit wants to give another chance to his life. He feels sorry to part away with Raima’s memories. He cherishes her memories for the final time and seals everything in a box. He locks up the memories by bidding a final farewell to Raima.

Nimki Vidhayak:
In a bid to help Radhika in her love marriage with Ashish, Nimki falls in trouble. She comes face to face with Mintu, when he takes Ashish’s place in the mandap. Nimki had replaced Radhika in the mandap to trick Mishra. Nimki gets a huge shock on seeing Mintu. His face revives Babbu’s bitter memories in her mind. She tries to run away. She gets stuck because of the gathbandhan. Mintu opens the cloth knot to let her go. He respects her decision and wants her to stay free. She recalls her marriage with Babbu. She gets in sorrow. Mintu wonders what’s her sorrow that she got scared seeing him and ran away. Nimki thinks Anaro was right and Babbu is alive. She doesn’t know that Mintu is Babbu’s lookalike.

Sanjivani: Sid and his friends enjoy a lot in the Ganpati utsav. They perform the aarti, play drums, sing and dance. Sid and Ishani get together for the Aarti. Sid is happy to see Ishani’s carefree side. Their cute romance is seen. Shockingly, some locality goons ruin the fun. The goons misbehave with Ishani. Sid angrily bashes the goons. He bravely fights them. The goons gather to strike him together. Sid gets injured by the sharp glass bottles. Sid faints down in the bleeding state. Ishani gets worried for Sid and runs to help him. Ishani takes injured Sid in her lap and shouts for help. She realizes what Sid can do for protecting her, when he risks his life.

Muskaan: Muskaan doesn’t want to marry Inder. She wants to visit a temple. Amma understands that she is planning to escape. Muskaan asks her to send Lakhan with her. Amma asks her to visit the temple with Inder, once they get married. Muskaan wants to talk to Ronak once. Ronak meets Maalik and tells him that he will continue his work, since he has nothing to do in the family matters. He doesn’t want to stay back for attending Inder’s marriage. Ronak wants to reach Ambala and work out his new plan. Maalik permits him to go.

Muskaan learns about Ronak’s leaving. She wishes he returns on time. Inder requests Muskaan to accept him as her husband and pay him respect. Inder doesn’t want her to fight further. Muskaan wants to avoid the marriage. She begs Maalik to stop the marriage. Maalik doesn’t listen to her. He asks her to go ahead and marry Inder. Muskaan gets helpless when Inder forces her for marriage. Ronak brings Inder’s wife Deepa home to stop the marriage. He exposes Inder’s crime to the family. He tells them that Inder is also a fraud. Maalik gets angry knowing Inder is already married. Ronak had found out that Inder is married and brought his wife home to expose him. Maalik gets insulted when Inder is caught red-handed.

Ronak asks Maalik and Collector to give a choice to Muskaan, so that she chooses her life partner. Maalik agrees with him by getting in his words. Ronak states that he is saying everything for the village’s betterment. Maalik shows his wrath on Deepa and Inder. Muskaan takes a stand for Deepa. She doesn’t want Maalik to hurt anyone. Maalik develops a liking for Muskaan and doesn’t hurt her. He spares Deepa for Muskaan’s sake. Ronak cheats Maalik again. Ronak and Muskaan’s truth will be coming out. Maalik will be receiving Ronak Singh’s photo and learn Ronak and Muskaan’s marriage truth. How will Ronak free Muskaan in time? Keep reading.

Spoilers Alert Shakti Kahaan Hum Sanjivani more Vedant gets into a street fight. He gets losing in the fight. Heer and her brothers watch the fight going on. Vedant wants Soumya. He plans to kidnap Heer. A new guy enters the story to protect Heer. He saves Heer from Vedant. Vedant doesn’t want Rohan to see him kidnapping Heer. He covers up his face. He hides from Rohan. The kinners witness the fight. They take Heer to Soumya. Vedant’s plan fails. Soumya shares her worries with Preeto.


  1. Thsi NEW Face Is NONE Other than HARMAN’S Aka VIVIAN s Role Replace
    They’re Not Shown HARMAN Died Nor VIVIAN BACK to the SHOW ?
    Still How Many Of U Huys Still Interested In the SHOW Without HARMAN Aka VIVIAN EXIT ?


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