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Star Plus Upcoming Today Ek Bhram Yeh Rishtey more Pooja and Kabir along with their family get happy to attend the Shanti puja. Pooja wants to contribute in the puja prasad preparations. Suman stops Pooja from cooking. Pooja wants to help Suman. Rani finds it a good opportunity. Suman serves the food to Guru ji. Rani adds the fish in the food prepared for the puja. Rani blames Pooja for spoiling the food. Kabir defends his wife. He tells the family that Pooja can never do this. He tells them that they can check the CCTV footage to find the truth. The family prepares fresh food for Guru ji.

Pooja sings a bhajan to buy some time. She gets praised by Guru ji. He tells them that he will come back to hear Pooja’s melodious bhajan. Kabir just sees the efforts by Pooja. He asks his family to apologize to Pooja. They don’t agree and blame Pooja further. Suman tells Kabir that Pooja has added the fish in the food and ruined it, then she had sung bhajan to buy time for them, it doesn’t mean that they forget her mistakes. She scolds Pooja for playing mind games. She asks Kabir not to believe Pooja.

Kabir has strong belief that Pooja has changed. His family doesn’t think so. Pooja knows Rani is behind this. She doesn’t want Rani to get exposed. Pooja tells them that she is ready to take the blames. She wants to change Rani by her love. She wants Rani to understand that she isn’t her enemy. Pooja tells her that their mum will break down knowing their hatred. She asks Rani to change soon before their mum knows her truth. Rani plays a new move to snatch the property. She tries to get Kabir’s signatures on the papers, but Pooja hinders her plans.

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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Kainat gets disguise of a salesman. She wants to find out Saltanat. She tries to know if Saltanat has her memories. She learns about Saltanat’s memory loss. Kainat gets happy that there is not much risk because of Saltanat. Saltanat fails to see her. Kainat wants to kill Saltanat if the latter thinks of returning to Zaroon’s life. She gets relieved that Saltanat doesn’t remember Zaroon.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke:
Abir makes a sweet apology to Kunal. He wants Kunal to forgive him. He falls in Kunal’s feet. He tells Kunal that he can’t choose between family and love. He explains that everyone has own place in life, there is no overlapping in relations. He tells Kunal that he loves him a lot, and can never live without him. He publicly apologizes to him. He also returns Kunal’s bike to him. He tells Kunal that he wants Kunal’s happiness. He asks Kunal to forgive him and also Mishti. Kunal forgives Abir. His anger for Mishti doesn’t change. He still has the same perception for Mishti. Abir is sure that Kunal will surely see Mishti’s goodness and accept her in the family. Abir and Mishti’s love story gets known to their families in an unexpected manner.


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