Tellyreviews Spoilers Patiala Babes Kundali Vidya

Tellyreviews Spoilers Patiala Babes Kundali Vidya

Tellyreviews Spoilers Patiala Babes Kundali Vidya Raja Beta: Vedant finds the same lady in the lock-up. She tells him that human’s trust makes him see such miracles that he never hopes of. She says maybe some miracle is waiting for you and asks him to have trust as whatever is seen with eyes, don’t really happen. Vedant is shocked to hear what she said. He asks her what she wants to say. He finds her gone at the other moment after talking to him. Vedant is freed from the lockup after Pankhudi brings the proof that he was in the shop buying sindoor and other stuff.

Patiala Babes: A new misunderstanding gets created in Minnie’s happy family. Minnie is happy that Babita and Hanuman are going to marry. She gets upset when Babita’s first marriage video runs in the marriage function. Hanuman gets mistaken that Minnie has done this. Minnie clarifies that she isn’t aware of this. Minnie has taken care of the arrangements. Hanuman asks her how did the video CD reach the marriage mandap. Babita takes a stand for Minnie. The marriage finally happens, but Minnie stays disturbed that Hanuman is doubting on her intentions. She gets upset that Hanuman’s doubt can also change Babita’s perception towards her.

Kundali Bhagya:
Karan and Preeta get married. Preeta’s Bidaai will be seen. Sarla, Biji, Janki and Shrishti cry while bidding her a farewell. Preeta also gets emotional. She is happy to marry Karan, since she loves him. Karan hates Preeta for supporting Prithvi. He wants to take revenge on her. He wants to make her life hell. She looks forward to meet Luthra family. Karan doesn’t want to inform his family about his marriage. Prithvi gets mad for Preeta. He wants Preeta to return to him. He wants to break Preeta and Karan’s marriage. He knows Karan hates Preeta now and wants to expose Karan’s intentions. Karan’s hatred will gradually turn into love.

Tujhse Hai Raabta: Malhar tells Kalyani that Swara has lost trust from marriage, don’t know what is the reason, but we have to present our good example in front of her so that she can agree for marriage. He asks for her help. Kalyani says I am always ready to help you in whatever you do and whatever gives you happiness. Swara hears Kalyani and Malhar’s conversation. Kalyani and Malhar present happiness and romance in their happy married life.


Vidya gets into big trouble when she faces Nanku Thakur. He asks Vidya to get 100 students admitted in the school to cover up his loss. He takes revenge on her when she refuses his love. Vidya doesn’t want to accept Nanku’s wrong demands. Nanku attacks her. Vidya gets a savior, who comes as a ray of hope. Vidya meets heroic Vivek in a filmi moment. Vidya takes Nanku’s challenge to get 100 students admitted. She doesn’t give up and tries to convince villagers for the admissions. Vivek will be seen helping Vidya fight Nanku Singh.


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