Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Vish Quick Spoilers Lined

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Vish Quick Snips Lined Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Rohit is ready to move on in his life with Sonakshi, realizing that Sonakshi has taken Raima’s place in his heart. He accepts that he should move on. He tells Veena that he wants to handover Raima’s memories to her. He tells Veena that he will never look back at the past. Veena gets much happy that he found his true love. She learns that Sonakshi is upset with him. She asks him not to hurt Sonakshi’s heart and make up for his mistakes. He plans a surprise for Sonakshi. He wants to make romantic love confession to Sonakshi, while she makes up her mind to call the lover drama over. She doesn’t want her one-sided love to become a big trouble for her family.


Alia doesn’t want Sabrina to affect her coming baby. She performs the havan. She wants her baby to be fine and protected from Sabrina. She asks the pandits to not stop the puja at any cost. She gets troubled and faces hurdles. She doesn’t want to leave the havan. Sabrina appears there and tells Alia that she has come to take revenge. She wants to teach a lesson to Alia. Sabrina attacks all the pandits team. She boasts of her powers. She tells Alia that she will not spare her. Alia tries to divert Sabrina so that Vishera punishes Sabrina. Vishera appears there to punish Sabrina for her crime. Aditya reaches to protect Alia, which angers Sabrina further.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein Vish Quick Snips Lined:
Yogi’s Sangeet ceremony brings happiness for the family. Yogi happily dances with his family. He is much excited for his marriage. He makes a video call to Gunjan and shows her the madness at home. Gunjan is really happy with the alliance. Her dad applies her haldi. He blesses her to be happy forever. Gunjan celebrates her mehendi and Sangeet ceremony at home. She dances with her friends. Gunjan’s dad gets a disturbing call. A well-wisher tells him that Yogi isn’t a good match for Gunjan. He asks Gunjan’s dad to break the alliance. He gets in a dilemma over the alliance.

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki doesn’t know if Mintu is Babbu. She avoids him and runs from there. Mintu explains her that he didn’t come to marry her, he was just helping his friend. Nimki gets crying. He wonders what happened to her. Monu wants to return to the village. He doesn’t want to stay with Nimki in Patna. Chachi explains him that he should learn from Nimki, who is moving on. Nimki returns home in the bridal attire. They ask her about the bridal attire and the tension on her face.

Nimki gets crying thinking of Mintu. She doesn’t know what to do. She wants to call Abhmanyu to seek his help. Dadi does Mintu’s aarti, who has done a big thing and got Ashish and Radhika married. Dadi scolds Ashish for risking Mintu’s life. Radhika tells Dadi that Mishra didn’t attend the marriage, so she has made Mintu as her brother. Mintu asks Ashish to keep Radhika happy and not trouble her.

He tells Dadi that Nimki was dressed in the bride and run away seeing him. He finds strange that Nimki called him Babbu Singh. He is scared that Mishra will take revenge on him. Mishra learns that Nimki helped Radhika in her love marriage. He wants to target Nimki for revenge. Nimki meets Abhimanyu and Sweety. She stays disturbed and reveals about Babbu’s return. Mishra wants to use his political powers to ruin Nimki’s life. He wants to ruin her respect since she has ruined his family respect by helping Radhika elope and marry.


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