Kasautii Bajaj dramatic love realization next

Kasauttii Starplus Mohini suspects Bajaj Prerna's child

Kasautii Bajaj dramatic love realization next Mr. Bajaj gets occupied with Prerna’s thoughts. He wants to be busy in work. He asks Mehra to come over and meet him to discuss work. He tells Mehra that he doesn’t like to think of others. He wants to ask Mehra if he has any answer to his problem. Mr. Bajaj gets into a moment with Prerna. He feels things are getting strange with him. He is grateful to her that she is looking after Anurag for his sake. He thinks she is doing this to save him from the police.

Prerna clears that she loves Anurag and will always care for him. She reminds that she has got married him just for Anurag’s sake. She also adds that she will always care for Anurag and no one in the world can stop her. He doesn’t like to hear her. He thinks if she is being a good mother for his daughter, he shouldn’t bother. He doesn’t want to think of anything else. He feels Prerna’s good behavior is affecting him and changing him gradually. He doesn’t want to change himself. He doubts that he has fallen for Prerna. He realizes that he is changing because of Prerna.

He meets Mehra and indirectly seeks his advice about love changing people completely. Mehra tells him that he wasn’t like this before. He tells that love can change a person. He finds Mr. Bajaj getting nervous because of Prerna. Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna that he wants their relation to stay in the limits they had set. He feels guilty to snatch her from Anurag and marry her. She tells him that she is not being good, but doing her duties towards the guests.

She asks him not to bother Mehra at night, since his family would be waiting too. Mr. Bajaj accepts her advice. He shocks Mehra by his change. He asks Mehra not to come at odd hours even if he calls him for any urgency. Mehra asks him how did he change so much. He tells that he isn’t able to believe that he is the same ruthless businessman Mr. Bajaj.

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