Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Jobless Sikandar fights fate

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Jobless Sikandar fights fate

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Jobless Sikandar fights fate Sikandar meets a producer, who asks him to sing a song for him, since he has come from far just to hear him. Kulfi gets amazed to see Bappa in that man. She feels fate will be opening doors for Sikandar again. Amyra asks Kulfi why is she so lost. Kulfi asks Amyra to come with her. They treat the guest nicely. The man tells Sikandar that he also got cheated by Jimmy. He wants to take revenge on Jimmy with the help of Sikandar. He asks Sikandar to support him. Sikandar agrees to his request. Kulfi gives them modak sweets. The kids tell the chawl people that Sikandar got a big music contract and he will get famous again.

Amyra is hopeful that Sikandar will become a superstar and get a new home for them. She gets happy and shares the happiness with the chawl kids. They all wish Amyra. Sikandar tries to prepare a good song. Amyra and Kulfi try to sleep. They don’t want to disturb Sikandar. They go out to spend time with friends. Kulfi tells Nimrat that Sikandar will get everything back soon. When the star doesn’t shine, she gets worried that Nimrat didn’t reply to her. She goes to Sikandar to give him courage. She tells him that he has huge bundle of talent hidden within, he just has to recognize his talents and open up new opportunities.

She encourages him for preparing a new song. Sikandar prepares a song. He sings the song in front of the producer. The man doesn’t like his song and asks him to sing like he used to sing before. He wants Sikandar to work hard. Kulfi asks Sikandar not to lose heart and keep trying. She wants Sikandar to focus on his strengths. Amyra feels Sikandar has lost his talents because of the struggles. She gets upset and feels he has become useless now. Kulfi asks her not to say bitter about him. She asks Amyra to help her in boosting his confidence. Amyra asks her how will they do this. They get the Jagrata contest ad and turn happy.

They think this is the chance that Sikandar will sing and win his old self back. They don’t know that Jimmy has organized this Jagrata contest. Kulfi and Amyra reach the office to register for the singing competition. Amyra tells the lady that they are singers, Kulfi is a winner of a singing talent show already. She praises Kulfi, which gives happiness to the latter. She wants to bring Sikandar there. Sikandar loses hope that he isn’t able to sing like before. Raju tells him that world is such that person doesn’t get successful easily. Amyra finds Sikandar depressed.

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