Muskaan Highlights Ronak hopes for freedom

Muskaan Highlights Ronak hopes for freedom

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Muskaan Highlights Ronak hopes for freedom Muskaan stops Maalik from hitting Deepa. Ronak requests Maalik and asks him not to hurt women. He tells Maalik that Inder is his brother and has already got punished. He asks Maalik to spare Inder. Amma kicks out Deepa from the house. Muskaan tries hard to support Deepa. Ronak tells Maalik that if Deepa falls in danger, then his name will be ruined. He asks Maalik to ensure Deepa’s safety. Muskaan overhears their conversation and feels proud of Ronak, who is doing a lot for Deepa. Maalik agrees to Ronak’s advice. He makes arrangements for Deepa’s stay. Ronak asks Hanumant to take Deepa with him and get her home when needed.

Amma asks Ronak to get a doctor for Inder. Amma asks Muskaan to prepare a Hookah for Maalik. Deepa falls in trouble when the village men get after her. Maalik learns that Muskaan is preparing the Hookah. He looks for Muskaan. He gets Muskaan’s note for Ronak. Muskaan gets an idea to convey her feelings for Ronak through the radio. Maalik learns that she will be expressing her feeling through the radio show. Maalik plays the radio to hear her. Ronak and Maalik hear Muskaan’s lovely words. Ronak thinks of Muskaan and his moments. Maalik gets mistaken that Muskaan is liking him. He gets happy. He asks Ronak to snatch the phone from Muskaan.

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Deepa gets kidnapped by Hukum’s goons. She falls in trouble. Hanumant looks for her. Ronak secretly meets Muskaan. He pities their situation. He tells her that he will not let Maalik harm her. Muskaan tells him that they will have a good life once they get out of Maalik’s clutches. She praises Ronak for bringing changes in the village. They emotionally hug. Hanumant informs Ronak that Deepa got kidnapped by Hukum, and maybe Deepa will get killed. Ronak tells Deepa that they can’t save Deepa from Hukum, unless Maalik helps them. Muskaan wants to talk to Maalik to save Deepa’s life. Ronak and Muskaan’s truth gets close to get revealed to Maalik.

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