Rishtey Pyaar Mehul poses a big challenge for Meenakshi

Rishtey Pyaar Huge revelation Mehul evil motives

Rishtey Pyaar Mehul poses a big challenge for Meenakshi Meenakshi gains strength to fake her dark past again. She wants to meet Mehul and warn him. Mehul tries to contact Abir so that he can meet him to defend himself. Mehul learns about his other son Kunal. Kunal is upset that Abir isn’t coming. He waits for Abir for long. He gets raging knowing Abir is spending time with Mishti again. He is fed up hearing about Mishti. Mishti tells Abir that she was fearing to lose him. Abir hugs her to profess his love. Varsha is worried to answer Kuhu. She doesn’t know how will Kuhu manage her marriage now, when Kunal hates Mishti.

Rajshri and Vishwamber explain Shaurya and Varsha that none can leave life partners for someone’s sake, its impossible to end relations to please someone. They tell Varsha that they should change Kunal’s thinking than forcing Mishti to leave Abir. They take the right decision for Mishti. They agree with Abir, that Kuhu and Kunal should themselves manage their marriage. They don’t think their marriage will break because of Mishti.

They convince Shaurya and Varsha that they should support Mishti. Shaurya agrees with their right decision. Vishwamber asks him to leave worries about Kuhu. He wants Varsha to change her thinking about sacrifice love for saving a relation. Varsha is also convinced.

Meenakshi asks Kaushal not to accompany him, she will face Mehul alone. She doesn’t reveal the matter to Parul. She wants to teach a lesson to Mehul. Parul wants to support Meenakshi, finding her worried. Kaushal tells Parul that Meenakshi really needs her in such a bad time. Parul has no idea that Mehul has come back. Parul cries and regrets to hurt Meenakshi. Abir spends time with Mishti. He is happy to start a new life with her. She tells him that she is happy seeing his bonding with Rajshri, but maybe Meenakshi won’t bond with her this way.

She asks Abir to sort his fight with Meenakshi, so that Meenakshi accepts their love. Abir gets repeated calls from his dad. He doesn’t answer at first, assuming to be spam calls. He gets a disturbing call. He hears Mehul’s voice. Mehul tells Abir that he really needs him, he wants his son back. Abir is left in shock. Mishti supports Abir. Meenakshi meets Mehul at the temple. Mehul requests her to make him meet their sons. Meenakshi doesn’t agree and threatens to send him to jail again.

He tells her that he didn’t commit any fraud, he is innocent and it was just a misunderstanding that had separated them. She doesn’t believe him. She fears that he will snatch his sons. She asks him to just get out from their lives. Abir thinks if someone played a prank on him. Mishti tells Abir that they should try to call back and find his dad. Meenakshi breaks Mehul’s phone and hands over the restraining orders. She tells Mehul that he will get jailed if he tries to meet her sons. Mishti locates Meenakshi and learns a strange thing.

She tells Abir that they should meet Meenakshi and try to find out what’s fishy. Mehul tells Meenakshi that Abir will himself come to him and bring him home. He challenges Meenakshi to do anything, but she can’t keep Abir separated from him. This worries Meenakshi a lot. What will be Abir’s decision when he knows his parents’ conflict? Keep reading.

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