Ronak Muskaan relationship truth to surface

Ronak Muskaan relationship truth to surface

Ronak Muskaan relationship truth to surface Muskaan doesn’t accept Maalik’s marriage proposal. The village men insult Maalik and laugh on him. They tell Maalik that he should have beaten up Muskaan and kept her on control, so that she stayed in limits. Muskaan feels the mentality of the men is disgusting. She reprimands them for not respecting a woman. Maalik angrily drags Muskaan. He takes her home. Inder warns Deepa against angering Maalik. Maalik comes home with the stained clothes. He tells Amma that Muskaan’s Kaalik is served to him. He loses his cool.

He wants to punish her. He doesn’t see Ronak and Muskaan’s picture. He vents anger on her for playing a game with him. He tells her that she will face his wrath now. Ronak wants to bring his truth out so that he can save Muskaan. Maalik is angry that Muskaan insulted him in front of everyone. He is much hurt. He wants to punish her. Ronak intervenes to stop Maalik. Maalik tells Amma that Muskaan will bear the punishment until she breaks down. He wants Muskaan and other girls to fill the water from the well.


He tells Ronak that he wants to prove to Muskaan that he was protecting her till now. He wants to show the dire consequences to the girls, when he withdraws his support. He tells Ronak that the men will not spare the girls. Ronak doesn’t know how to convince Maalik. Ronak wants to save the girls. Maalik tells Ronak that he will teach lessons to the girls. Maalik doesn’t let Ronak help Muskaan and other girls. Muskaan fights a man to save herself.

Maalik watches the drama. She falls into the well. Maalik and Ronak get worried for her. Maalik wants Muskaan to break down and come to seek his help. Ronak saves Muskaan even when Maalik doesn’t allow him. Maalik angrily beats up Ronak and suspects him to be related to Muskaan. Will Ronak break the truth that he is Muskaan’s husband? Keep reading.


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