Shakti Bahu Begum Ardhangini more Upcoming Spoilers

Bahu Begum Noor Shocking avatar of Tawaif next

Shakti Bahu Begum Ardhangini more Upcoming Spoilers Soumya thinks to enquire about the man whom Harak Singh kept as Heer’s bodyguard. She thinks she can’t let him become Heer’s bodyguard until she gets sure of his identity and intentions. She comes to the guest room and searches for the proofs in his bag. She gets his Aadhaar card and finds the address of Gurdaspur. She recalls and thinks he had said that he stays out of Gurdaspur, but his address is near Gurdaspur. She doubts about his intentions. Mahi tries to call Vedant so that he takes Heer from the house.

Main Bhi Ardhangini: Maha Maya trusts Shalaka and gets betrayed badly. Shalaka frees Vikrant using Naaglok’s teen tatva, pinjar, Maha Maya’s blood. Maha Maya and Bhujang’s biggest enemy Vikrant comes to life and kills Maha Maya before she could react on seeing him. Mohini and Adhiraj witness everything from far. Mohini says who was he to kill Maha Maya, he is so powerful. Adhiraj says Maha Maya can’t die with other’s hand and says I will only kill her. He runs towards Maha Maya. Mohini stops him. Shalaka asks Vikrant, why did he kill Maha Maya? The Mongoose man tells her that Vikrant doesn’t work according to the time, but time moves according to his liking. Shalaka realizes and says he can go in the past and in the future too. Mohini and Adhiraj hear them too.

Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Bhaari: Jia tells Sarla that Gudiya told her that she called her worthless coin. Sarla gets tensed and tells that Gudiya heard it wrong as she called Gudiya’s jija ji as worthless coin and not Jia. Bantu hears Sarla referring his father as worthless coin and calls him. He tells him that Sarla Nani called you as worthless coin. Alka’s husband gets angry and calls Alka and asks what my son might be thinking about me after your mother called me as worthless coin. Alka comes to Sarla and asks her did you tell Bantu’s father as worthless coin. Sarla nods her head tensely. The worthless coin drama continues.

Bahu Begum: Noor plans a dirty and grave situation for Shayra. She conspires to threaten Shayra rigorously to go away from Azaan’s life. She thinks Shayra is playing games with her and thinks to make Shayra’s soul shaken up with her deadly plan. She teams up with Surayya in her plan and calls her asking if she remembers the plan. Surayya says I remember. Noor says no mistake shall be done in any situation, today we will teach a lesson to Shayra. The masked person wearing a black long jacket goes to Shayra and keeps a knife on her neck. Shayra gets scared and shouts.

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  1. SHAKTI SHOW ? NO VIVIAN ? EXIT HARMAN Aka VIVIAN BACK to the SHOW ? PLEASE Rashmi Mam And MAKER’S Requesting BRING VIVIAN Back To The SHOW ? NEW Characters ARJUN ? And New STORYLINE Cannot Spice Up The Drama
    He is the only One ?of the SHOW
    We Hate SOWMYA Character Selfish BECAUSE Beginning of the SHOW She’s a Selfish Character Who Thinks of herself ?
    Please Change Completely STORYLINE And BRING HARMAN Aka VIVIAN BACK to the SHOW With New Avtar ? NEW STORYLINE ✍️ PLEASE It’s A Sincere Request ?
    This Time We’ll See What SOWMYA Do HARMAN’S Aka VIVIAN’S Happiness ? ??????


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