Spoilers Gathbandhan Leap Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Ke Twists

Spoilers Gathbandhan Leap Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Ke Twists

Spoilers Gathbandhan Leap Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Ke Twists Gathbandhan takes a five year leap. Dhanak misunderstands Raghu when he goes to save Preeti from Tiwari. Bharat plays his trick which separates Dhanak and Raghu forever. Dhanak breaks her relation with Raghu. He doesn’t tell him about their little son. Raghu serves the punishment. He wishes to get Dhanak’s love. He wants Dhanak to forgive him and come back in his life. Maai welcomes Raghu home. Dhanak gets support from her friend. Raghu doesn’t know Dhanak’s relation with the new guy. Maai tells Raghu that Dhanak is living with Akshay since long.

She brainwashes Raghu against her. She wants to get her grandson back. She tells Raghu that she couldn’t hug her grandson till now, just because of Dhanak. She shows the toys she has stored just for her grandson. She gets emotional and cries. She asks Raghu to get the little boy home for a while. Raghu doesn’t know how to face Dhanak after long. Raghu meets his son and saves his life. He gets too emotional when he finds the boy having qualities like Dhanak and him. Dhanak treats Raghu like a stranger. She thanks him for saving her son. Raghu feels hurt when she alienates herself.

Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Ke Twists:

Abir and Mishti reach the temple to track Meenakshi. Abir misses to see his dad with Meenakshi. Mishti finds Abir too upset on his birthday. Abir wants to get away from family on his birthday so that he can spend some time with his loneliness. He is heartbroken. He misses his dad. Mishti wants to make Abir’s birthday special. She plans to find his dad and surprise Abir. Mishti will be bringing Abir face to face with Mehul. Destiny helps Mishti find Mehul. She promises to make Abir’s birthday rocking. Mishti turns up to unite Abir with his dad, which leaves him speechless. Abir gets happy to meet Mehul.

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