YRKKH Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming Twists

YRKKH Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming Twists

YRKKH Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming Twists Vedika leaves from Singhania house in a shattered state. Kartik doesn’t bother to console her. Naira finds Vedika broken and rushes after her. She finds Vedika in distress. Vedika cries her heart out. She wants to end her life, recalling Kartik’s words that he doesn’t want her. Kartik asked Vedika to get away and not become a hurdle in his happiness. Kartik’s harsh comments breaks Vedika’s heart. Vedika wants to get away from Kartik forever, if this gives him happiness.

Vedika gets in front of a car. Naira saves her life. She asks Vedika to value her life. She drops Vedika to Goenka mansion. Kartik doesn’t want to lose Kairav. He can’t stay like Naira, by going away from the family. He tells Suwarna that he is weak, and aren’t strong like women, who can stay patient and tolerant towards the situation. He doesn’t want to be a silent watcher like Vedika either. He gets expressive about his life goals. Vedika asks Kartik for her rights. Kartik falls in dilemma, knowing he can’t do justice with her. Vedika realizes her mistake and apologizes to Naira, who gave her a new life unexpectedly.


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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera Upcoming Twists:
Saltanat leaves Madhav house and destiny takes her home. She thinks of Zaroon. Zaroon misses Saltanat and recalls her words. He doesn’t know that Saltanat is close. Kainat faints Saltanat by tricking her. She lies to Zaroon to go out. She takes Saltanat in the cab. Sneha forgives Jugal. She wants to save him from Madhav. She lies to Madhav that Saltanat has beaten up Jugal and left the house. Madhav looks for Saltanat. Kainat takes a disguise again. The driver gets scared that Kainat is carrying a dead body with her. He jumps down the car.

Kainat struggles to stop the car, but in vain. She doesn’t know driving a car. She doesn’t want to risk her life for Saltanat and also jumps down the car, leaving Saltanat in the speeding car to die. Madhav finds Saltanat in the car. He tries to follow her. Saltanat gains consciousness and finds the danger. She saves herself. Kainat changes her disguise to meet Madhav. She finds Saltanat alive. Madhav asks Saltanat what is she doing here. Saltanat feels she has some past connection with Kainat. Madhav thanks Kainat and then takes Saltanat home.

Krish is happy to see Saltanat fine. Saltanat exposes Jugal’s truth. Madhav believes her. Sneha scolds Saltanat for the lies. She goes to slap Saltanat, but Madhav stops Sneha. He angrily punishes Jugal for misbehaving with a woman. He bashes up Jugal. He expresses his hatred for Saltanat. He tells her that they are together since he hates her. This shocks Saltanat. She gets puzzled about his motives.


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