Kasautii Anurag Master plan exposure brings twists

Kasautii Anurag Master plan exposure brings twists

Kasautii Anurag Master plan exposure brings twists Anurag confronts Prerna for fooling him, using the same method as him. He tells her that he was pretending to love Komolika and today she is pretending to love Mr. Bajaj. He asks her not to bound herself by this drama. Prerna doesn’t accept that she loves Anurag. He gets angry on her for not realizing his true love. He wants Prerna to acknowledge his feelings. Maasi wants Anurag to stay away from Prerna. Anurag expresses his feelings again. Prerna doesn’t listen to him. Shivani asks Anurag not to get mad after Prerna. Anurag tells Shivani that he loves Prerna and knows that she loves him too.

He just wants Prerna back from Mr. Bajaj. Prerna’s thoughts keep Mr. Bajaj occupied. He finds happiness when he thinks of Prerna. He realizes that he is falling for Prerna. Mr. Bajaj gets a surprise visit from Anurag. Anurag asks him to stay in the jail itself. He just wants his love. Mr. Bajaj reminds that Prerna is his wife. Mohini insults Prerna when she returns home. She announces that she is getting Anurag remarried. She wants Prerna to attend all the functions. She is happy that Prerna’s husband is in the jail. She wants Prerna to suffer more. She gets into a heated argument with Maasi.

She asks Maasi not to send Prerna for seeking help, else she will leave her husband. She insults Prerna’s character. Maasi also insults Mohini to give a reply. Mohini feels Prerna is unlucky for everyone. Maasi asks Prerna not to stay connected with Basus. Shivani wants Anurag to move on. He asks her if he isn’t suitable for Prerna. Shivani boosts his confidence. She is upset seeing the way he is ruining his life for Prerna. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj gets thinking of Prerna. He feels she is slowly becoming important for him. He misses her a lot. Anurag helps Prerna in taking care of Mr. Bajaj’s daughter. They have a sweet moment.

Furthermore, Prerna is thankful to him. Anurag tells Prerna that he is happy that she is always there to support. He is sure to get fine soon. Maasi warns Prerna against believing Anurag. She asks Prerna to convince Mr. Bajaj to come home. She wants Prerna to believe Mr. Bajaj. Prerna doesn’t listen to her. She doesn’t want to get compelled again. Anupam asks Anurag to stop this game, else Prerna will know it soon. Prerna learns Anurag’s huge plan to send Mr. Bajaj behind bars. Prerna clears out that she is married now. Anurag demands her divorce with Mr. Bajaj, so that Prerna can marry him (Anurag).

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