Kulfi Kumar Jimmy Tony plot to the talented SSG

Kulfi Kumar Jimmy Tony plot to the talented SSG

Kulfi Kumar Jimmy Tony plot to the talented SSG Sikandar reaches the traffic police station. He wants to check the CCTV footage. He doesn’t get the permission. He wants to file the missing complaint. He realizes that he has no picture of Amyra. He gets the FIR lodged. He tells the inspector that he will go home and get Amyra’s picture. Kulfi is worried that Jimmy will see her and make her out of the competition. Kulfi is ready to make the video sample to give at the registration office. She doesn’t want Jimmy to see her in the video. She gets an idea that she should wear an animal costume and conceal her face.

She wants to record the video soon. On the other hand, Sikandar returns home. He looks for his belongings. He doesn’t find Amyra’s picture. He thinks how is this happening. He wonders who is planning all this. He rushes to the school to get her picture. He doesn’t get any help. He calls Amyra’s friends to get a picture. He doesn’t get any picture to give to the police. Kulfi gets busy in video making of her album. The police refuses to know Sikandar. Inspector tears the complaint. He asks Sikandar to leave.

Sikandar wonders why is the police lying to him. He gets into a fight with the inspector. Sikandar is thrown out of the police station. Kulfi sings the song to record. Sikandar is much upset. He gets angry when some fans click his pictures. He thinks if Amyra is on social network. He doesn’t get to see anything. Kulfi tells her friends that Jimmy shouldn’t see her. She doesn’t want to invite problems. Sikandar gets stubborn to find Amyra. He tries to check the footage once. He is thankful and checks the footage. He tries hard to find Amyra.

Jimmy watches Kulfi’s video. Kulfi gets hurt when he steps on her hand. She stays hidden from him. Sikandar doesn’t find the footage with Amyra’s glimpse portion. He vents anger on the constables. He feels someone is playing a game with him. Jimmy gets insulting Sikandar. He speaks to his new partner. Kulfi fears their conversation that are they Sikandar’s enemies. She wants to know who is the other enemy. She finds Tony there. She gets disappointed knowing Tony also wants to ruin Sikandar. Inspector asks Sikandar to forget Amyra. Sikandar refuses to forget her. He is determined to fin her. He gets released from police. Sikandar wants Amyra back.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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