Yeh Rishta Vedika anger storm strikes Kartik

Yeh Rishta Vedika anger storm strikes Kartik

Yeh Rishta Vedika anger storm strikes Kartik Kartik tells Naira that she can’t snatch Kairav from him. He reminds her that she can’t take him away forever. He asks her not to decide alone and separate Kairav from him. He wants Kairav badly. He asks Kairav to go with Naira. Kairav tells him that he will go and come soon. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to make any mistake as in the past. His patience breaks. He scolds Naira for her past mistake. He isn’t able to forgive her. Naira asks him to focus on his marriage with Vedika, since she is leaving now. Kartik doesn’t want Naira to give him any advice. He wants Naira to keep him connected to Kairav. Naira and Kartik shatter by their emotional burst.

Manish consoles Kartik. Dadi asks Vedika to fulfill her duties towards her husband. She hopes that Kartik moves on with Vedika. Kartik and Naira’s relation gets underestimated by Dadi. Vedika thinks the couple will still be connected because of Kairav. She wants to cheer up Kartik and start fresh. Kairav meets Singhanias and gives them a big surprise. They get pleased seeing him coming to stay with them. Naira tells them that she has left Goenka house.

Naksh is happy that she has come home. Kairav just talks about Kartik. The family tries to distract him, so that he doesn’t miss Kartik more. Naksh tells Naira that it will be tough to handle Kairav. He makes attempts to keep Kairav occupied. Naira knows Kairav will miss Kartik more. She feels bad thinking of Kartik’s sorrow. Kairav goes to play with Naksh. He wants Kartik at Singhania house. Kartik misses Kairav, while talking to Vansh. He imagines Kairav with him. He vents anger on himself. He longs for his son. He decides to visit the Singhanias. Vedika learns about Kartik’s stay at Singhania house. She creates a havoc when she confronts Kartik.

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