Kumkum Bhagya Zee Upcoming twists and turns

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Upcoming twists and turns

Kumkum Bhagya Zee Upcoming twists and turns Vikram tries to tell Abhi about Meera. He wants Abhi to recognize her love. Abhi asks Vikram not to stare at Meera since he should be loyal to Pallavi. Vikram laughs on his jokes. Abhi questions Ranbir for bunking the classes. Ranbir tells him that he didn’t wish to go. Abhi asks him why does he look upset. Vikram wants Abhi to settle down with Meera or Anuradha, since Pragya isn’t coming back. Vikram observes Meera’s love for Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi lends love advice to Ranbir.

He wants to sort Ranbir’s problem. He asks Ranbir to share his problems with him. Vikram asks Abhi to find Pragya soon, else Meera will take her place. Abhi tells him that the world knows his love story with Pragya. He is sure that none can take Pragya’s love in his life. He doesn’t want Meera to get false hopes. Meera overhears his conversation. She is already aware of this truth. Prachi isn’t aware of the guy Rohit looking for her at the college. Purab happens to meet Abhi and shares his sorrow. He fights with his own feelings.

Abhi wants him to be transparent about his feelings. Purab tells him about Disha, who claimed to love Ritik. Abhi tells him that they will tell the truth to Disha and get her home. Purab doesn’t want the problems to get bigger. He tells Abhi that he can’t hurt Aaliya by bringing Disha home. Abhi understands his feelings.

Purab feels Disha needs a companion. He feels sorry for Disha. He feels she is punishing herself and also him. Abhi asks him to meet Disha. Abhi tells him that he can’t be upset with him ever. He asks Purab to confront Disha and get answers from her. Abhi is glad that Pragya isn’t alone to pass her life, his daughter is with her to look after her. He wishes to get back Pragya. Rhea happens to meet the same guy finding Prachi.

He tries to fool her and get money. Rhea teaches him a lesson. She fails his plans. She gets Prachi’s picture from him and wants to know the connection. She follows Rohit to know the truth. She tells him that she can help him if he can tell the complete truth. Disha learns about Purab’s arrival. Purab wants his answers back. He confronts her about her present. He wants her to live with him in his house.

Disha finds him disgusting to make such a demand. She reminds him that he lives with his wife. He doesn’t want her to live alone. Disha tells Purab that she is dating Ritik, leaving Purab shocked. Elsewhere, Rhea plans to put Prachi in more trouble. Rohit tells her about his love angle. She realizes his madness for Prachi. She offers him help to get him married to Prachi. Rohit gets glad to find Prachi with Rhea’s help. Rhea finds a way to take revenge on Prachi.

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  1. It is time.for Abi.and Pragya to het together
    The story line does not make sense 20 years have passed The family needs to be together anf fix a lot of stuff
    Sub plots are making the story boring Mira has sevved her time after 20 years she is now in love with Abi Hogwash.The script writer has tomake Abi.an example and role model.for the ypung men around him
    Let jhim work things out with his beloved wife and daughters who are at loggerheads woth each.other
    Have some beautiful family.moments
    Too much estrogen dominating the show and nonesense scenes

    Please give fans som.ething to .look foorward.toDo not let.the series necome boring

  2. Twenty years still prolonging the story, and also the link they built with Kundili Bhaya has broken. Does that mean twenty years now Pragya has not seen her mother? Still 20 yrs Preeta and Shistti are still not married. Let the script write not get out of story.

  3. Both right. This story is now becoming boring. Missed meetings between Pragya and Abhi have become too much. Losing interest very quickly. Plus a spoiler which was shown for them to meet at the recent festival didn’t actually air. How misleading to fans. Can we get past this now and just get them to meet and carry on with their lives. Current episodes very boring and sometimes annoying.

  4. This story is now becoming very boring. riane itni galtiya ki wo baat galat hai ki usko ek bhi baat ki saja nahi mili. aur rahi baat pragya aur abhishek ki to ektaji unko kabhi ek nahi karegi unko chodke subke life mein happines dikhayegi. koi jarurat nahi thi purab aur aliya ki shadi aur bacche dikhane ki aal sirf itna sikhana hai is serialse aap bure raho to aapko har ek khushi milegi. exp aliya, ria. disha aur pragya jaise acche bane rahoge to dunia aapke saath bura h karegi.


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