Star Quick Spoilers Snips Sanjivani Yeh Rishtey more

Star Quick Spoilers Snips Sanjivani Yeh Rishtey more

Star Quick Spoilers Snips Sanjivani Yeh Rishtey more Ishani imagines a romantic dance with Sid. She sees butterflies around whenever she is facing Sid. She is in love. She wants to confess love to Sid. Ishani goes to Sid and tells him I love you in her dream. Her heartbeat gets high when she is with Sid. She faints down. Neil treats her. Sid comes to check on her. He finds her heartbeat getting higher and asks her the reason. Ishani imagines romancing him. She sees Sid everywhere. Sid messages Ishani. She gets happy that he wants to meet her.

Abir wants to leave the house, being disappointed with Meenakshi. Kunal tries to stop Abir. Kuhu asks Kunal to let Abir go if that gives him some peace and happiness. Jugnu tells Abir that Nanu is much worried, he may fall sick. He asks Abir not to leave. Abir asks him to take care of Nanu. Abir tells Kunal that Meenakshi always taught them to hate, instead of forgiving. He asks Kunal to just think of his decisions. He tells him that their dad left them, they should seek answers from him. He wants to find his dad.


p style="text-align: justify">Kunal tells him that he doesn’t want any answer, he just wants his mum and brother. Abir tells him that he wants his dad. Kunal tells that Abir wants Mishti as well. Abir asks him not to hate Mishti and think of his own mistakes. Kunal tells him that they don’t need anyone until they have their family. Abir promises to come back home after finding Mehul. Kuhu asks Kunal to be strong since Meenakshi would need him. She becomes Kunal’s support. Kunal feels bad to cheat Kuhu.

Muskaan: Maalik puts Muskaan in trouble when she doesn’t apologize for her mistakes. He wants her to get freedom and try to balance her life in Vidhangarh. He tells Muskaan that she will be studying in the college where the village boys study. He is sure that the boys will not stay without troubling Muskaan. He tells Muskaan that the college boys will get after her. He asks her to save herself if she can. He also challenges Ronak to save her if possible. He asks Muskaan to wear jeans and top, as it was her wish to leave the veil. He asks her to dress up as she wants. Ronak wants to fail Maalik’s plans somehow. Maalik tells Muskaan that his plan will break her pride and also teach her a lesson. He wants to see how Ronak saves the girls.

On the other hand, Hukum demands to know about Lakhan. He wants to know if Lakhan is cheating Maalik. Bua tells him that Ronak had killed his father. Bunty covers up the truth. He doesn’t reveal anything about Ronak. Ronak is worried that Maalik is suspecting him. He faces another problem when Bua calls him up for a meet at Hukum’s house.

He can’t believe that Bua has come to the village. Maalik tells Muskaan that he will not let Lakhan save her at any cost. Ronak plays his tricks and makes the village boys fight. He thinks the college will get shut soon and Muskaan will return home. He is sure that his plan will work. Ronak meets Hukum and lies about his Bua’s disease. He makes a way to get Bua and Bunty with him. He refuses to sign property papers. He doesn’t want them to trouble Gayatri. He sends them home. Maalik sorts the villager’s fight. He plans to teach Muskaan a lesson. He takes the college dean’s help to trouble her. Muskaan falls in Maalik’s trap. Maalik informs Ronak about his next move to see what Ronak does to save Muskaan. Ronak saves Muskaan again. Maalik doesn’t lose and finds many ways to torture the girls.

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