Ronak superhero trick works again for Muskaan

Muskaan daring move to cost an innocent life

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Muskaan daring move to cost an innocent life Maalik intentionally puts the girls in trouble so that they run to him for help. The boys in the class trouble Chamki and Deepa. Muskaan consumes the spiked tea. She gets dizzy and gets troubled by the boys. Ronak gets to see Muskaan in trouble. He rushes to help her like always. Maalik realizes that Lakhan is always on toes to protect Muskaan. He calls it enough and takes them home. Bua and Bunty reach Maalik’s house to meet Ronak again. She thinks Ronak is living in this Lanka for Muskaan’s sake. She just wants the property from Ronak. Ronak finds them again and tells Maalik that they are his relatives. He tells Amma about Bua’s disease.

Bua lies to them that she has the doctor’s statement that she is fine to live with people now. Maalik questions Bua. Ronak stops Bua from revealing the truth. Ronak asks Bua and Bunty to leave. Maalik asks them to stay back in the guest room. Ronak gets worried that his truth will be out if Bua calls him by his name. Maalik tells Amma that he has to fulfill Muskaan’s conditions. He wants to arrange a job for her. Ronak asks him to forgive Muskaan. Maalik doesn’t want to spare her until she begs to him.

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He tells the village men that the girls will work as the labour now. He gives the girls tough tasks. He tells the girls that the tasks won’t be easy for them to complete. Muskaan asks Ronak to protect Deepa and Chamki. Ronak asks Inder to save Deepa and take her home else it will become a mockery. Inder understands and requests Maalik to forgive Deepa. Maalik agrees for the sake of family respect. Muskaan asks Deepa to go home. Ronak and Muskaan share a moment while he helps her in the tasks. Chamki finds a girl Vidya who seeks her help. Chamki informs Ronak about Vidya. Muskaan asks Ronak to help the girl. She promises to look after herself until he comes back. Muskaan takes a daring step to help Vidya, which puts Chamki in trouble. Maalik lays a new trap for Muskaan.

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