Kartik Naira Ugly Battle High Voltage drama ahead

Kartik Naira Ugly Battle High Voltage drama ahead

Kartik Naira Ugly Battle High Voltage drama ahead High Drama with Kartik and Naira new clash for their only son Kairav’s custody. Naira stops Vedika from the suicide attempt and dire consequences. She asks Vedika to value her life as much as she values others. She tells Vedika that she will try to fix up things for her. Vedika tells Naira that both of them can’t stay in Kartik’s life, either of them has to leave from his life. She tells Naira that she is left with no option than to die. Naira understands Vedika’s helplessness. She asks Vedika to never lose hope. She takes Vedika to Goenka house, where Dadi is deeply worried for Vedika. Dadi fears that Vedika has gone to the Singhania house to confront Kartik. Naira hands over the divorce papers to Vedika.

She tells Vedika that this is the only option for her now. She asks Vedika to keep the papers and get it signed by Kartik some how. Vedika is thankful to her. She didn’t wish Naira to get hurt like that, but she didn’t wish her life to get ruined with Naira’s return. She is apologetic and blames the fate for playing unfair. Naira breaks down thinking of her final farewell to Kartik. She doesn’t want to run away from him without informing him. She wants to tell Kartik about her decision to take Kairav away.

She wants Kartik to give his consent. She thinks of the wonderful times spent with Kartik. She shatters emotionally. She is doing everything for Kartik’s betterment. She knows Kartik will not do justice with Vedika until she is there in his life. She hopes Kartik understands his decision. She tells Bhabhimaa about Vedika’s suicide attempt. She tells that she has saved Vedika and also solved her problem. She doesn’t want the society to blame her, being the second woman in Kartik’s life. She doesn’t want to be called a marriage breaker.

She feels she should have come later in his life, which would have resolved the marriage. She regrets to come back soon. She wants to end the marriage so that Kartik and Vedika’s marriage gets its due respect and rights. Naira meets Kairav’s doctor to get fit to travel – health certificate, so that she can take Kairav with her to Goa. She doesn’t want Kartik to know about it until she tells him. Kartik gets the mail from the hospital. Naira goes home and breaks the news that Kairav is fit to travel. She declares that she is going to take Kairav away from Goenkas so that Vedika doesn’t pose any problem.

Consequently, the Singhanias sympathize with her. They don’t want to leave Naira. They tell Naira that they will accompany her wherever she goes. They want Kartik to support Naira. They wish that Goenkas understand Naira’s decision. Naira tells them that she will not run away like a coward this time. She wants to inform Kartik about her trip. She learns that Kartik had received the mail already. She gets worried that he will learn about her decision to take Kairav away. She calls him to explain that she is doing this for simplifying their lives.

Kartik fails to check the mail at first. Kartik then checks the mail and is left in shock. He realizes that Naira is planning to take his son away again. He gets angered. Dadi and Manish also learn the shocking news that Naira is taking their heir away. They don’t want this to happen. They want to stop Naira from taking such a wrong move. Dadi begs the family to stop Naira from taking Kairav away. Kartik senses the family’s pain. He leaves from the house in rage. His anger doubles up when he gets the divorce papers from Naira.

Naira knows that he gets too angered because his love is also immense. She tells her family that Vedika’s marriage is illegal, since she is still Kartik’s lawful wife. She tells Singhanias that she wants to make things right for Vedika. She wants to divorce Kartik soon. She tells them that Kartik will react angrily on seeing the divorce papers. Kartik can’t believe this. He goes to meet the lawyer to file the custody case. He wants to give a solid reply to Naira. Naira gets informed about Goenkas’ reaction on her move.

Vedika is scared that Kartik may not sign on the divorce papers. Kartik doesn’t want to sign the papers until he resolves Kartik’s custody claim. He meets Naira to slap her with the shocking legal case of Kairav’s custody. He tells her that they will meet in the court to fight for their child custody.

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  1. If i am not wrong when naira admitted in hospital for surgery then karthik said how i will do remarry and this birth naira and karthik only will be together he mentioned but now how directors makers everyone changed the story how meaningless where those words which he said before how they did second marriage doing second marriage only is the worst thing now showing is more worst what is this they are not giving value to love anything they are changing complete story

    That worst vedika kill her because of her everything is happening guys this is the time to stop watching the serial then only everything will be changed but no one is stopping seeing the serial everyone is encouraging by seeing and getting they are getting more trp because of us only now pls stop seeing the show then everything will get change

    What the hell this story they are taking compare to this show iss pyaar ko kya naam doon was so best show in that show no second wife ni seperation only angry and that with love such a nice serial y don’t you likr that What is this second wife repeatedly divorce id this doll marriages or human marriages what the hell is this


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