Kasauti Stunning twist Bajaj reveals his total negative side

Kasauti Stunning twist Bajaj reveals his total negative side

Kasauti Stunning twist Bajaj reveals his total negative side Mr. Bajaj and Prerna speak their emotions out for the first time. Prerna tells him that Anurag means a lot to her, he is the reason for her marriage with Mr. Bajaj. She tells him that Anurag has been wrong, but still she doesn’t want to take any action against him. She tells that Anurag has a special place in her heart and she can never hurt him. She wants to help Anurag in moving on in life with a better life partner. Mr. Bajaj gets enough hearing her praises for Anurag. He asks her not to speak about her ex-lover so much that it gets uncomfortable for him. Prerna understands that being a husband, he can’t hear her love tales.

He doesn’t like her to miss Prerna. He can’t see her worried. He asks her to take rest. He expresses his wish to meet her family, so that he can make their terms better. Prerna informs Veena about Mr. Bajaj’s wish to meet them. Veena thinks Mr. Bajaj is taking an initiative towards them. She wants to welcome him and pay respect. She doesn’t know if he is innocent in the accident case. She also holds faith in Anurag. Meanwhile, Prerna stays disturbed. She still looks after Kuki. She bonds with her emotionally.

Mr. Bajaj admires her for being so loyal and positive. He feels its decision to marry her in right. He gets losing himself when he sees Prerna. He wants to always have her in his life. He doesn’t want to lose her ever. He wants Prerna to always give them happiness by staying in their lives. He feels he can do anything to keep Prerna with him. He doesn’t want to lose to Anurag.

Meanwhile, Anurag spies on Mr. Bajaj. He wants to know what is Mr. Bajaj planning against him. He knows Mr. Bajaj’s temper, planning and smart escape. He tells Anupam that Mr. Bajaj is surely up to something again. He knows Mr. Bajaj can’t be calm. He finds Mr. Bajaj secretly meeting the inspector. He questions Mr. Bajaj against sealing his evil side. He suspects Mr. Bajaj for bribing the inspector. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he had called the aides just to limit Anurag. He makes the shocking confession. He tells Anurag that he had planned the entire accident.

Mr. Bajaj gets triggered when Anurag boasts of his love for Prerna. Anurag challenges him that he will get Prerna’s love back. Mr. Bajaj tells Anurag that Anurag must die to get out of Prerna’s life. He shocks Anurag by the confession that he had committed the accident to take his life. He tells him that he knew Anurag’s plans and planned this huge accident to kill him. He tells Anurag that he always kills people who try to break his family.

Anurag realizes that Mr. Bajaj wanted to kill him. He feels he has fallen in Prerna’s sight by planning the accident. He didn’t know that Mr. Bajaj is really so evil. Mr. Bajaj shockingly mocks Anurag for reaching the doors of death. He tells Anurag that he may kill Anurag again. He asks Anurag to better stay away from Prerna. He doesn’t want to tolerate Anurag. He tells Anurag about his bad equation with his dad. He tells that his dad used to torture him and his mum. He presents his childhood trauma.

He reveals that life has made him arrogant because of his childhood trauma. He tells Anurag about his dad’s death, which happened when a live wire electrocuted him. He is happy that his dad passed away. He tells Anurag that he can’t lose Prerna, since she has become an important person for him. He warns Anurag to take lessons from his deeds and change his aim. He shares more of his secrets, untold till now. He doesn’t tell them about his relation with Basus.

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  1. The best ever episode I’ve seen. Bajaj showing his true colors. I mean i was rooting for Prerna and Bajaj because Anurag became annoying. But this complete role reversal or Bajaj was so good!! The best ever twist created by Ekta Kapoor in a very long time.

  2. What an actor karan is his dialogues goes perfectly with his looks n expressions it was such a correct decision by ekta kapoor to cast him as Mr Bajaj ruthless, intelligent, calm n composed but focused, soft, emotional n romantic who else wd hv portrayed all this emotions other then our ksg(karan singh grover) bang on episode no melodrama crisp dialogues make him look more promising as Mr Bajaj

    • You cannot legislate for bad taste. If the robot is a good actor then I am Tom Cruise, Amitabh, sharuk, Robert Redford, Dharmendra, Clint Eastwood in one. Looking at her trophy wife he smile as a new born who has just spoiled his nappy. R2D2 the robot in Stars Wars would do a better job.

      • You are judging him because of his personal. KSG is definitely a good actor without any doubt. He proved that by winning telly award in 2013 and 2014 for the project Qubool Hai. He is giving justice to the role of Bajaj. All the negative comments here are due to his personal love affairs which has nothing to do with his acting.

  3. They ruined bajaj
    They could have picked 1000s of stories they could have had 2 main lead characters being good. They did not have to make him evil
    Unless he is doing it on purpose knowing that komika is there and bajaj has done this to protect prena – which i hope so bcus his change in character is stupid.

    He has gone from smart sharp on the spot amazing business man to some loopy man.

    His character was growing
    They had him always 1 step ahead
    Doing all he can and playing well

    Now its crap


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