Kulfi Kumar struggles Kidnapping twist intensifies

Kulfi Kumar struggles Kidnapping twist intensifies

Kulfi Kumar struggles Kidnapping twist intensifies Sikandar wants an answer from Lovely some how. He wants to know about Amyra. Lovely doesn’t understand what is he saying. She is really innocent in this matter. She asks him where is Amyra. He gets hyper when she refuses to reveal anything. She tells him that she doesn’t know anything about her daughter, but she would really like to know. Tony happens to see their arguments. Tony hides from Sikandar. On the other hand, Kulfi and the chawl kids try to enter the building to find Amyra. The guard stops them from getting inside.

Kulfi begs him to let them check once, since Amyra has sent the address to her. When she gets no help, she tries to follow the hints of fate. She asks the kids to go home, she will find Amyra. Sikandar loses hopes. He doesn’t find Amyra. He wants to know about Amyra. He realizes his phone is swapped. Someone asks him to participate in the Jagrata contest if he wants to know about Amyra. Sikandar threatens the kidnapper. Raju gets the prasad for Kulfi. He tells the kids that they will soon find Amyra. Kulfi happens to see a beggar there. She thinks Amyra has mentioned of a similar place and situation in her rap song. She tells the kids that they are reaching close to Amyra.

She realizes that Amyra is around. She reads Amyra’s song again. She tries to find a huge tree, but in vain. Kulfi hears some kids talking. Kulfi gets surprised that Amyra is close. She goes to see the kidnapper. She follows the kidnapper to reach Amyra. Elsewhere, Sikandar meets his known people. He expresses his emotions. The couple asks him to participate in Jagrata.

He finds out that everyone is together and wanting to frame him in some illegal work. Kulfi hides from the kidnapper. She is scared that she may get caught. Sikandar also gets kidnapped. Jimmy and Tony are framing Sikandar. Kulfi has a big responsibility to save Sikandar and Amyra from the kidnappers. Tony has no answer about Jimmy’s other partner in crime. He avoids answering Lovely about Amyra’s kidnapping.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 2/5
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