Muskaan Huge troubles Ronak fights back

Muskaan Huge troubles Ronak fights back

Muskaan Huge troubles Ronak fights back Ronak refuses to marry Muskaan. He asks Muskaan to stay in Maalik’s house and wait for the right time when she gets her life partner. He indirectly asks her not to take risk. She understands his sign. She ends the matter and respects his feelings. Ronak asks Maalik to permit the villagers to celebrate the festival of Navratri. Collector asks the women to contest for the village head post. She tells them that anyone can contest in the elections. Bua threatens Ronak to sign the property papers, else she would tell his truth to Maalik. Ronak is worried. He accompanies Maalik.

Bua tells Muskaan that she will expose Ronak and her to Maalik. She wants Sir ji’s property for Bunty. Maalik tells Ronak that he is forgiving him, knowing his emotions. He asks Ronak what is he thinking. Ronak tells him that he is troubled by his relatives. Maalik promises to help him. He asks Inder and Ronak to meet the village women and stop them from contesting in elections. He gets Ronak’s locket fallen there. Maalik’s men take away Bua and Bunty, to help Ronak. Maalik tells Muskaan that he can do anything.

He wants her to realize his powers. Bua wants to tell Ronak’s truth. The men make Bua and Bunty board the bus. Bua fails to expose Ronak’s truth. Inder asks the village women not to stand in elections. Maalik finds Muskaan wearing similar locket. He asks her about the locket. He realizes that Lakhan is Ronak. He gets angered on her for cheating him. He asks his men to bring Ronak home so that he can kill him. He threatens Muskaan. Inder learns that Lakhan is Ronak. He beats up Ronak. Ronak realizes his truth has come out. He rushes to save Muskaan from Maalik’s wrath. Maalik comes up with a demeaning act to ruin Muskaan’s dignity, while she prays for someone to save her. Will Ronak be able to save Muskaan in time? Keep reading.


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