Kahaan Hum Sadistic End of Ronakshi next

Kahaan Hum Sadistic End of Ronakshi next

Kahaan Hum Sadistic End of Ronakshi next Raima returns to create a havoc. She has a huge misconception about Sonakshi. She creates the misunderstanding between Rohit and Sonakshi by accusing Sonakshi for her coma state. She happens to arrive in Rohit’s house when he was getting engaged to Sonakshi post a cute proposal. Rohit was cherishing his love with Sonakshi, until Raima arrives. Sonakshi gets a huge shock on seeing Rohit’s ex Raima back. She can’t believe that she had been meeting Raima and helping her recover. She realizes their past connection when Raima tells them about Sonakshi’s involvement in the past incident.

Raima tells Rohit about the dark night where she met an accident. She tells how she was helping a close friend, stuck in a wrong relationship. She tells them that her friend was dating Karan, who was getting engaged to Sonakshi that day. She tells Rohit that she has lost her precious years because of Sonakshi. She tells how badly she needed Sonakshi’s help and Sonakshi left her to die. She blames Sonakshi for her state. Rohit hugs Raima and cries a lot. He gets emotional on hearing her pain. Raima tells them how she met Karan and bashed him up to punish for the deceive. She reminds that she had called Sonakshi to expose Karan’s truth.

She wanted to save Sonakshi’s life from a wrong person like Karan. She recalls the past when she fought with Karan and had a huge fall from the balcony. She tells them that when she was lying in a bleeding injured state, Sonakshi didn’t help her. She regrets to attempt to help Sonakshi, since she didn’t deserve this. She vents out her frustration that Sonakshi is snatching Rohit. She loves Rohit and wants him back.

Sippys ask Sonakshi if this is true. Sonakshi gets speechless. Suman wants them to know Sonakshi’s side of story as well. Sonakshi tries to explain them. After making big accusations, Raima faints down. Rohit gets worried for Raima. He gets the best medical facilities at home for Raima. He stops Sonakshi from meeting Raima. He blames her for leaving an innocent person to die. He doesn’t know what has happened with Sonakshi that night. Suman knows Sonakshi’s truth and supports her. Sonakshi keeps trying to talk to Rohit. He insults her in anger and ends their relation. He hits the ring on her face and hurts her the same way as Karan. Sonakshi faces another break up in her life. Rohit unknowingly revives Sonakshi’s pain. He doesn’t think she deserves a chance to explain anything.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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