Telly Reviews Kaira Rishta struggles in court battles

Telly Reviews Kaira Rishta struggles in court battles

Telly Reviews Kaira Rishta struggles in court battles Naira goes to the common places where he could possibly go. She doesn’t find him anywhere. Kartik and Naira stay separated again. Naksh doesn’t want Naira to waste time in finding Kartik. He reminds her about their flight. He asks Naira to come back home. Naira tries till the last and returns home at night, only to find the family worried. She asks them about Kairav and Kartik, the two persons she loves the most. She finds Kartik at home.

Kartik loses his cool. He berates her for filing for divorce. He tells her that Kairav is sleeping and he would be away from the dramatic fight. He tells her that his lawyer stated that she made his work simple. He tells that he has filed the custody case to add up with the divorce case. He tells that this is her reply. He doesn’t care for her emotions if she doesn’t care for his emotions. He tells her that he will surely win Kairav’s custody. He stops her from taking Kairav anywhere by showing the stay order.

He tells her that his case is stronger now since she has always been irresponsible. Naira gets worried that he is dragging the matter to the court. She asks him not to snatch her son. He tells her that she has always taken decisions without asking anyone and now its his turn. He reminds the sorrow she has gifted him. He tells her that she went away without informing him before, but he doesn’t want her to permit this time. He explains that she can never get away secretly. He tells her that he will fight the case in the court and win his son’s custody. She screams that she won’t let him snatch Kairav.

He reminds her that she has snatched his child too. He scolds her for always being wrong and justifying herself. Manish and Naksh decide not to get in between their tussle. Kartik and Naira end up hurting each other emotionally. They break down and ask their families to get the best lawyers for the custody case.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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