Bahu Begum Ghazala enters with vicious motives

Bahu Begum Ghazala enters with vicious motives

Bahu Begum Ghazala enters with vicious motives Asgar slaps the servant and insults him. Shayra stops Asgar from hurting the servant. Asgar tells her that he knows dealing with women like her. He raises hand on Shayra as well, but Razia stops him. She tells him that Shayra is Bhopal’s Bahu Begum and none can ill treat her. She warns Asgar about the dire consequences. Razia asks Asgar to think of himself, if he touched Shayra, she would break his hand. She slaps Asgar and makes him falls in Shayra’s feet. The new entry Ghazala comes in the house in time. Ghazala manipulates the situation in her favor. She shows her control on the house. Asgar insults the servant Dilruba.

Shayra just wanted to save Dilruba. Asgar greets his mother Ghazala. Ghazala tells Asgar that he has done wrong. Asgar gets her support. Ghazala insults Razia. She tells Razia that she had made her elder son leave the house before and now she is making Asgar leave the house. She has to settle scores with Razia. She tells Razia that she won’t accept her son’s insult. She accepts Asgar and Surayya in her heart. She asks them to apologize to Razia and get their place back in the house.

She doesn’t let them go away. Ghazala secures Asgar’s place in the family. She insults Noor by giving her some change as Mu dikhai. Noor doesn’t lose and snatches Ghazala’s bangle. She asks Ghazala to give her bangle if she is so willing to gift her. Ghazala treats Noor as a servant’s daughter. She hugs Shayra to keep her on her side. Shayra doesn’t like her, seeing the way she is insulting Noor. She wants to follow Razia’s foot steps. She gets to see how Razia is getting affected by Ghazala.

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