Kahaan Hum Spoiler Surprising Union of Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Spoiler Surprising Union of Ronakshi

Kahaan Hum Spoiler Surprising Union of Ronakshi Rohit gets too worried for Raima. He doesn’t know how to get justice with her, when she is blaming Sonakshi for her state. He wants to get his mind at place first before he talks to Sonakshi. Sonakshi wants to talk to him and explain her side of sorrowful story. Suman wants Sonakshi to keep her self respect. She tells Sonakshi that Sippys aren’t believing them. She wants to tell them about Sonakshi’s truth that she is innocent. She is ready to take the responsibility on her. Rohit takes care of Raima. He treats her once again. He gets his medical team for her. He tries to arrange her medical records so that they can get help.

He doesn’t want Raima to fall in coma again. He wants to make sure that she responds to the treatment. Sonakshi tells Suman that she won’t leave without talking to Rohit. Rohit pays no heed to Sonakshi. Suman wants them to know real Sonakshi first. She defends her daughter. Naren doesn’t believe Sonakshi. He gets insulting Rastogis, which hurt Sonakshi. She doesn’t think Sippys will understand anything right now. Rohit also wants her to leave. He doesn’t want to talk to her ever. He vents anger on Sonakshi.

He leaves her in a shattered state. She cries for Rohit. He wants her to let her be alone for some time. He doesn’t want anyone to judge his situation. Raima’s mum meets Sippys to know about Raima. She meets Raima. Rohit still doesn’t let her take Raima anywhere. He tells her that he won’t permit her to take away his patient. Raima’s mum gets angered on Sonakshi and hurts her. Rohit warns her and secures Sonakshi from the mess by sending her away. Sonakshi is in much sorrow. She wishes to talk to Rohit once to fix things.

Suman tells her that she will tell Rohit that it was her fault, not Sonakshi’s. Sonakshi tells Suman that its her fault that she left Raima on the roads and didn’t take her to the hospital. She is guilt stricken. She wants Rohit to give her a chance to explain. She gets a nightmare of Rohit and her break up. She gets into an illusion and checks her face, thinking Rohit had hit the ring on her face. She realizes that Rohit didn’t come to meet her yet. Suman tells Sonakshi that relations don’t end this way.

She wants Sonakshi to keep high hopes. She also asks Sonakshi to stay strong. She is sure that Sonakshi’s truth will be accepted. Rohit gets in a dilemma when Veena asks him to meet Sonakshi for a talk. Raima gets recovering with time. She confronts Rohit about his relationship with Sonakshi. Rohit gets speechless to answer her. He knows where Raima and Sonakshi stand in his life. He goes to meet Sonakshi for a serious talk. He wants to know that night’s entire truth from Sonakshi. Rohit doesn’t lose belief on Sonakshi. He rushes to meet her at the shooting set. He learns Sonakshi’s truth about Karan’s heinous side affecting her that night.

He sympathizes with her. He doesn’t think Sonakshi is at any fault in Raima’s case, since Raima fell down because of her fight with Karan. He forgives Sonakshi and hugs her to stop her tears. Sonakshi explains the entire scenario to him, since she wanted to share her past with him before. Rohit and Sonakshi unite in an unexpected way.

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