Bepannah Pyaar Pragati game changing move stuns Kunti

Bepannah Pyaar Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Spoilers

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Bepannah Pyaar Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Spoilers Meher gets obstructed by Sarabjeet further. She wants to meet Param at his school and pick him. She goes to take him home, but she is denied the access. She tells the guard that she is Param’s mother. The guard doesn’t listen to her and asks her to leave. He doesn’t allow her to meet Param, thinking she isn’t his legal guardian. Param cries for Sarabjeet and Meher. She tries hard to reach Param, who is sitting hungry and waiting for his parents.

Bahu Begum:

Razia asks Noor to restrain herself from wrong thoughts. She doesn’t want Noor to run away from the house. Shayra asks Noor to never leave them. Asgar exposes Noor that she had knew the truth of her mum’s death and even then she had taken the step to marry Azaan. Shayra and Azaan can’t believe this. Razia gets worried when she witnesses the bad omen. She fears that something bad is about to happen. Ghazala makes an entry and raises the tension in the family.

Bepannah Pyaar Bahu Begum Choti Sardaarni Spoilers Pragati is speechless after hearing Raghbir’s feelings. He tells her that he has held his feelings for long but now he wants to express it. He tells that he wants to spend his entire life with her. This surprises her. He tells her that he will be forgetting Bani, so that he can move on with her. She asks him to start doing his own work, if he gets habitual to her, then it will be a big problem for him once she leaves from his life. He tells her that he doesn’t want to live in parts, he wants happiness as a whole unit. He tells her that he wants her to meet his Bani. He gets ready to open up his past for Pragati so that he can win her faith. He isn’t aware that Pragati is Bani.

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