Star Plus Prime Hit Kahaan Hum Highlights Today

Star Plus Prime Hit Kahaan Hum Highlights Today

Star Plus Prime Hit Kahaan Hum Highlights Today Rohit and Sonakshi have much tensions between them. He wants to keep her away for a while. Rohit decides to break the truth to his family. Sonakshi is disheartened that Rohit didn’t give her a chance to explain. Suman becomes her strength. Sippys wait for Rohit when Yash informs them that Rohit wants to talk to them. Rohit meets his family and tells them that he wants to look after critical Raima. He wants to hide about Sonakshi’s matter since Raima dislikes her. He doesn’t want Raima to take any stress. He asks the family to lie about Sonakshi as well. He wants to tell Raima that Sonakshi is just a good friend.

He doesn’t admit that he loves Sonakshi. The family wants to know his final call on his relationship with Sonakshi. Rohit tells them that he had been into a fake relationship with Sonakshi, it was nothing but a drama. The entire Sippy family gets a shock on learning that Rohit faked his love affair to avoid his marriage. They scold him for playing with their emotions. They didn’t expect Rohit to take this step. Rohit asks them not to reveal anything to Raima. Yash doesn’t think Rohit is saying the truth.

He feels Rohit and Sonakshi love each other. Veena confronts Rohit about his feelings. Rohit denies to love Sonakshi. This infuriates Naren, who starts cursing Sonakshi over the fake drama. He can’t believe that she is so fake. Rohit feels bad when Naren blames Sonakshi. He doesn’t defend Sonakshi. Naren doesn’t want to forgive Sonakshi. Rohit tells Veena that he is happy with Raima, he has to secure her life first. He doesn’t want to think about Sonakshi. Veena can’t accept that he doesn’t love Sonakshi.

She knows he was happy with Sonakshi. She feels bad for her son, who failed to get his love again. She knows Rohit got torn between his responsibility Raima and love Sonakshi. She wishes that he chooses love. On the other hand, Rohan and Pari kickstart their affair. They plan to keep it a secret from the family. Pari doesn’t let Pulkit or Suman know about it. Rohan makes big promises to Pari. He wants to give her the next big project. He romances her. Pari doesn’t want anyone to know about it. She doesn’t answer Suman. Sonakshi tries to calm Pari. Pari insults her for her weak decisions. Sonakshi’s wound gets revived by Pari’s taunts.

Rohit learns that Raima is unstable. He treats her and also consoles her with love so that she turns stable again. He stays with her as a relief. He wants Raima to fight her illness and get back. Sonakshi tells Suman that she won’t leave her work. Suman wants Sonakshi to tell the truth to Soppys. Sonakshi doesn’t think so. She wants Rohit to hear the truth willingly. She hopes that he will come to meet me. Sonakshi goes to help Pulkit. He treats a patient without calling the seniors. His procedure works fortunately. Rohit scolds Pulkit for his irresponsible ways.

He doesn’t want Pulkit’s career to end by his carelessness. He asks Pulkit to follow the protocols. He asks him to leave if he can’t follow the rules. Sonakshi doubts that Rohit is venting anger on Pulkit. She realizes that Rohit was just guiding Pulkit. Pulkit praises Rohit for being a good mentor. He is sure to handle things. He asks Sonakshi not to argue with Rohit. Sonakshi doesn’t want to doubt on Rohit again. Rohit meets her to make an apology. He crosses many barrier to each her. He learns the truth of the accident. He realizes Sonakshi wasn’t wrong and apologizes to her.

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