Bahu Begum Spooky Twist marks interesting track

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Bahu Begum Spooky Twist marks interesting track Shayra intervenes between Asgar and Dilruba’s fight. Asgar insults Dilruba. He gets enraged when Shayra acts dominating. He goes to slap Shayra, but is stopped by Razia. Razia loses her cool and slaps Asgar. She can’t stand a man disrespecting or tormenting women. She tries to bring Asgar to his senses. Asgar is thrown out by Razia. A surprise entry of his mother Ghazala brings twists in the haveli. Razia doesn’t get much happy by Ghazala’s sudden entry. Razia and Shayra feel the presence of some unknown person in the house. They get worried thinking if its some ghost or some person.

There comes a spooky twist. Shayra doesn’t know who is doing this. She hears some foot steps and goes out to see. Razia had bad memories of this day. She wants the day to end soon. She gets spooky sounds in the house during the night hours. She gets to see the same chest kept near the pool, which she had seen in her dream. She can’t believe that her nightmare is turning true. She gets a note written on it, that her secret will soon come out.


Razia gains courage to open the chest and look inside. She gets a huge shock on finding it empty. She realizes that someone is doing this intentionally to revive her memories of that dark night. She thinks someone is recreating the same instances as that night to scare her. Shayra finds Razia terrified. She tells that even she has observed someone’s presence. Shayra and Noor try to find the mysterious shadow scaring Razia. A storm is rushing into the family.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 4/5
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