Kahaan Hum Star Plus Rohit Sonakshi big sacrifice

Kahaan Hum Star Plus Rohit Sonakshi big sacrifice

Kahaan Hum Star Plus Rohit Sonakshi big sacrifice Rohit and Sonakshi unite after clearing the misunderstandings. Sonakshi is happy that Rohit has chosen her. She tells him that she wants Raima to recover completely. He is also waiting for the same thing. He tells Sonakshi that they will be hiding their relation’s truth until Raima gets mentally strong. Netra is happy to see Rohit supporting Sonakshi. She makes him promise that he will always stand by Sonakshi. Rohit wants to be with Sonakshi forever. He gets a shocking call from the family that Raima left the house. Rohit doesn’t know where did Raima go. He tells Sonakshi that Raima is in a weak state. They rush to find Raima.

Sonakshi wants to help Rohit. Rohit fumes on his family for being so careless that they didn’t look after Raima well. He wants to know where did she go and why. He had taken her responsibility. He feels answerable to Raima’s family. Raima gets Rohit’s message that he has moved on in his life with Sonakshi. She gets too depressed. She wants to go away from his life. Rohan plans a romantic surprise for Pari.

Pari is excited to meet Rohan. Rohit and entire family use their sources to find Raima. They don’t get to track Raima. Rohit asks them to just do anything, but find Raima. Rohit asks Sonakshi to go home. He tells that he will inform her whenever he gets Raima. Sonakshi returns home and informs the incident to Suman. Sonakshi wanted to be with Rohit. Deepa finds Rohan’s car and enquires about him at the salon.

She learns that some girl has made the booking by the name of Rohan’s wife. She thinks where is Rohan. Rohan left the salon because of Yash. Yash wants Rohan to help Rohit in finding Raima. Deepa learns Rohan’s big lie that Tanya is at home and someone else made the booking by her name. Pari is upset that Rohan had to leave suddenly. Tanushree blames Rohit and Sonakshi for Raima’s disappearance. She vents anger on Sonakshi again.

Rohit takes a strong stand for Sonakshi, who is always helpful. He asks everyone not to blame Sonakshi without knowing the complete side of her story. He believes in Sonakshi, who really finds Raima. Sonakshi informs Rohit that Raima is at Sumit’s house. Rohit and Sonakshi rush to Sumit’s place and find Raima there. Sonakshi makes a love sacrifice for Raima. She wants Rohit to be happy, be it with anyone. Raima feels Rohit isn’t happy with her. What will Raima decide? Keep reading.

Reviewed Rating for this particular episode: 3/5
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