Kasauti Zindagi Fuming Bajaj makes immoral accusation

Kasautii Zindagi Kay Bajaj unites Anurag Prerna

Kasauti Zindagi Fuming Bajaj makes immoral accusation Anurag and Prerna get blessed by Veena. They are the most likely pair for Veena. Anurag is sure that he will get Prerna back soon. Mr. Bajaj can’t help but get jealous. He also seeks blessings from Veena and tries to impress Sharma family. He tells them that he wants to spend time with them. He informs them about Anurag and his dance competition. Veena greets Moloy. Mr. Bajaj watches Anurag and Prerna happy together. He controls his anger. Anurag warns Mr. Bajaj against performing the dance, which may harm him too. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he knows about Basus culture well. He wants to do his best to make his plan work.

Everyone awaits the dance performance. They finish the prayers first. Prerna gets cornered again. Anurag reaches her and asks her to wait for the decision from Durga Maa. He is hopeful that they will unite again. Prerna has a storm going on in her heart. She wants to get her answers from Durga Maa. She wishes to get a direction in life. She feels she wanted Anurag, but maybe wishing so is wrong. Anurag knows her inner dilemma. He tells her that he will always understand her unspoken feelings. They get covered by Durga Maa chunri, which gives them a sign from fate again.

He tells her that none can separate them, he can’t run to convince her always if she acts indifferent. He wants her to accept her feelings. Prerna knows her reality that she is Mr. Bajaj’s wife. Mr. Bajaj warns Anurag again. Anurag isn’t scared of his threatening. Mr. Bajaj tells him that he will not spare him if he doesn’t mend his ways. Anurag doesn’t care a bit. Maasi tells Tanvi that Anurag’s love is true and sacrificing, unlike Mr. Bajaj’s selfish love. She tells that she should support Mr. Bajaj so that she stays in her good books.

Mr. Bajaj plays a trick to get Prerna’s attention. Anurag reaches close to her once again, which leaves him raging. Prerna dances with the family and dancers. She enjoys the dance. Shivani supports Anurag in his love quest. Mr. Bajaj fumes knowing Prerna’s family is supporting Anurag. He gets himself attacked to put the blame on Anurag. He wants to influence Prerna. What will Prerna decide when Anurag gets accused? Keep reading.

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