Nimki Vidhayak Babbu Singh reentry Mintu makeover

Nimki Vidhayak Babbu Singh reentry Mintu makeover

Nimki Vidhayak Babbu Singh reentry Mintu makeover Nimki asks Mishra to apologize to Ashish. Mishra misbehaves in anger. Nimki asks Ashish to slap Mishra. Mishra threatens Ashish when the latter slaps him. Radhika tells Mishra that she will not live in his fear. She asks Mishra not to threaten them now. She gets Nimki’s support. Nimki and Mishra get into a fight. Ganga observes Nimki. She finds Nimki a rebel. She asks Mishra to leave Nimki. She assures that Mishra won’t do anything again. She asks Nimki to take Ashish and Radhika with her. She asks Mishra to keep himself calm. Mishra gets revengeful against Nimki. Meanwhile, Mintu tells Dadi that he has to help Ashish and Radhika.

They tell him that they don’t want to run away now, they can’t live in fear. Mintu doesn’t want them to take risk. He asks why did they come in Nimki’s words. Radhika tells him that Nimki has taught her the right thing. Dadi agrees with this. Ashish tells Mintu that he will stay with his family now and not run further. Dadi gets impressed with Nimki. Mintu is happy to meet Nimki. They meet Anaro in the hospital. He takes Babbu’s disguise. Anaro gets happy to see him. She wants him to meet her every day. She tells him that she wants to go home with her. Anaro gets convinced that he is Babbu, because of his perfect drama. She hugs Mintu.

Tunne and Mahua prepare to attend a function. Mishra calls Tunne for the work. He promises to finish work and come to her. Mintu asks Nimki why did she hide the truth that Babbu was her husband. She asks him if he loves him. She tells him that she hates his face. He asks her if she got her husband killed. She doesn’t answer him. Ganga invites Nimki in the Navratri function. Nimki gets excited to attend the function with her family. Mishra plans to get Nimki killed. He hires a shooter. Tunne learns Mishra’s plans and gets worried for Nimki’s life. Will Tunne be able to save Nimki in time? Keep reading.




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