Rishtey Pyaar Huge revelation Mehul evil motives

Rishtey Pyaar Huge revelation Mehul evil motives

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Rishtey Pyaar Huge revelation Mehul evil motives Abir drops Kuhu to Maheshwaris. He bonds with them. He wants Mishti to forgive him for his lie. Mishti sounds upset. She doesn’t want to forgive him. Kuhu knows about their differences. She tries to help Abir. Varsha asks for Kunal. Kuhu makes excuses to cover up Kunal’s absence. Abir tells them that he will miss Kuhu a lot. Abir seeks Rajshri’s help to explain Mishti that he lied just to protect her from sorrow. Rajshri tells them that such lies told for someone’s good aren’t bad. Mishti then thinks to forgive Abir. Kuhu helps Abir as well. She asks them to attend the Raavan dahan function. She gives them a chance to talk and sort out their issues.

Rajshri permits Mishti to go with Abir. Abir wants to clarify to Mishti about his decision, as suggested by Mehul. Meenakshi and Nanu realize that Mehul is taking advantage of Meenakshi and Abir’s fight. Nanu advises her to take Abir on her side by revealing Mehul’s infidelity truth. He tells her that situation is getting worse, as her sons are getting against. He feels Kuhu left the home because of Kunal. He asks her to take a step to fix things. She doesn’t thinks she can fix anything. She asks him why does he want her to bring Kuhu back and accept Mishti in the family. Nanu tells her that there is nothing wrong if she accepts Mishti.

He tells her that she should just think of defeating Mehul. She doesn’t want to do anything such. Parul and Nidhi tell her that her necklace is stolen right from their house. Meenakshi wonders how did this happen. Mehul asks her to blame him for the theft. He tells her that she is planning to frame him for the theft deliberately. Meenakshi is innocent in this case. She asks Nanu to believe her. She tells that she doesn’t need such petty excuses to throw him out of their lives. She is hesitant to bring his truth out, fearing that the truth will break Abir and Kunal’s bonding. She doesn’t want to tell them that they are step brothers.

She tells Mehul that she can expose his truth any time. Mehul knows she won’t be doing this and takes advantage of it. He accuses her for trying to make him away from his sons. She tells him that he is really a bad omen for her. He denies the blames. She tells him that he has brought misfortune for her. He asks her to check his room if she wants to find the necklace. She gets angered on his taunts. She tells him that she has the support of her family. Meenakshi knows Mehul is evil. She wants her sons to know the truth as well. Mehul expresses his truth. He meets his hired aide to pay him money. He had really stolen the necklace.

He proves his evil side. Meenakshi meets her informer. She doesn’t want Abir to get upset. She relieves the informer from his work. Abir takes Mishti for the event. He tells her that he doesn’t want her to get such a bad life, since she doesn’t deserve this sorrow. He feels he will handle his family, but she shouldn’t bear this. He cries on his fate. She worries that he wants to break up with her. She can’t believe that he is bidding a farewell to her because of their ill fate. She doesn’t want to part ways. She tells him that she is mentally strong and will handle all the issues. She expresses her love.

He clears the misunderstanding and relieves her. He tells her that he didn’t wish to break up. He wants to share his decision with her. He feels she deserves happiness. He wants to fulfill his promise. Mehul and Meenakshi are also in the event. Abir and Mishti burn the evil Raavan. Abir breaks his decision to live nuclear after their marriage. He doesn’t want his upsetting family to bother them. Mishti doesn’t accept Abir’s decisions. She wants his family to accept them.

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