YRKKH Spoiler Naira resolves custody case this way

YRKKH Spoiler Naira resolves custody case this way

YRKKH Spoiler Naira resolves custody case this way Naira gets another hearing date for the court. Kumar asks her not to run away again, since Damini will get the case in her favor. Damini blasts at Naira in the courtroom. She continues the same matter, that Naira didn’t wish the child. She tells the court that Naira has a cheap mindset, she can’t be a mother. She tells them that Naira is careless, even Kairav learnt about running away from Naira. She tells that Kairav had run away from the house and called his dad often. She tells how Kartik has saved Kairav from wrong people and got him back to Naira.

Damini is determined to win the case any way. She wants Kartik to stay quiet while she accuses Naira. She asks him not to get his emotions in between. Kartik is against Damini. He can’t tolerate Naira’s insult. Damini wants to prove Naira wrong and undeserving. Kartik fails to hear anything more. He asks Damini to shut up and not accuse Naira. He tells the judge that he had issues with Naira, but his anger and complains can’t judge Naira as a person. He tells them that Naira is a good person and also a good mother.

He tells that no one has a right to ask Naira about her motherhood. He asks Damini not to stain Naira as a bad mother. He tells them that Naira is ready to give Kairav’s sole custody to him for the sake of Kairav’s happiness. He tells that Naira is ready to make a sacrifice again, she is thinking for Kairav. He makes a shocking decision and withdraws the case. He requests the court to give the sole custody of Kairav to Naira. He declares his decision and proves his love for Naira. Kartik loves Naira and wants to reconcile with her. Naira gets grateful to Kartik for supporting her in the court. Kartik sinks in sorrow with the thought of their divorce.

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