Rishtey Pyaar Star Plus Abir shocking revelation

Yeh Rishtey Pyaar Kunal flees Mishti departs Abir in shock

Rishtey Pyaar Star Plus Abir shocking revelation Maheshwari family is much worried after seeing Kunal’s wrath. Kunal hands over the prenup to Mishti. Kunal wants Mishti to sign the papers. Rajshri knows that Kunal doesn’t want Mishti and Abir’s marriage to happen. Kuhu thinks to try once and explain Kunal. Varsha doesn’t want Kuhu to risk her marriage. She doesn’t know that Kunal has already asked Kuhu for divorce. She assures Kuhu that they will sort out Mishti’s matter. Rajshri wants Mishti to take the final decision, since its her life.

Mishti wants to talk to Abir once, so that she can get a clear idea of his thinking. Mishti wants Abir to have someone around to share his sorrow. She calls up Nanu to ask him to be with Abir. She knows Abir would be all broken up post Kunal’s move. Nanu rushes to Abir to take him home. He finds Abir believing Mehul a lot. He wants to tell him the secret of Mehul’s past. He limits himself. Abir tells him that Mehul was right, his family doesn’t value love and happiness. He reminds Nanu the promises Kunal made to him. He regrets the fact that Meenakshi and Kunal ruined his happiness and his relation with Mishti.

He tells Nanu that he can never leave Mishti even if his family isn’t accepting him. He tells Nanu that Mehul is supporting him. Nanu cries out that Meenakshi isn’t wrong this time. Abir tells him that Mishti and Mehul will never leave him. Abir tells Nanu that he loves him a lot and his decision to leave the house is much tough. Meenakshi fears that Abir left the house. Mehul challenges her to get her son back if she can. He tells her that Abir will leave her and come back to him. Mehul likes to defeat Meenakshi.

Abir meets Maheshwaris to express his decision. He tells them that his family isn’t ready to accept Mishti, they can never give her any respect and love. He wants to marry Mishti and live separately. He knows Mishti’s worth. He doesn’t want Mishti to face troubles. His decision shocks Maheshwaris. They tell him that family is also important. Abir feels his family has left no option for him now. He knows the worth of the family. He is heartbroken. He is hurt because of Kunal. He promises to buy a house before marriage. He assures to keep Mishti happy. Nanu tells the family that Meenakshi has fulfilled his dream and kept the family united.

He wants to fix the broken relation. The family supports Nanu. Nanu asks Atul and Ketki to support their brothers and also assist in their work. Abir wants to break his decision to Meenakshi. Mishti seeks an advice from Vishwamber. He assures forever support to Mishti. Kuhu reminds her about Meenakshi’s wrath. She tells Mishti that Meenakshi won’t accept this. Abir shocks Meenakshi by revealing his departure thought. She tells him that she has accepted Mishti for his sake. Abir tells her that he has decided to leave the house. Meenakshi gets some time to change his mind. She wants to expose Mehul’s plans. Abir unites with his family for a while and gets emotional. Mishti refuses to become part of Abir’s plans. She expresses her wish to stay with family, shocking Mehul.

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