Yeh Rishta Kartik broken Major drama Kairav missing

Yeh Rishta Kartik broken Major drama Kairav missing

Yeh Rishta Kartik broken Major drama Kairav missing Naira breaks the dark truth of the day when she went to abort her child. She tells Kartik that everyone suggested her to abort the child after knowing the abnormal growth, but she has heard the call of her child and ran away from the hospital. She tells that she always runs when the situation doesn’t turn up in her favor, as she everyone assumes her nature, she did the same that day for which she has no regrets. Kartik tells her that she has done the right thing by keeping the child. She tells him that she prayed a lot for her child, since she didn’t wish her fate to be unfair.

She soon realized that her child’s growth turned normal, her prayers were answered, she has kept patience until everything got fine. She tells him that Kairav is a normal child, thanks to her decision. She tells him that she didn’t have any support or funds, still she has given her best to Kairav. She tells how she has struggled to keep Kairav happy. Kartik feels ashamed and guilty. He breaks down realizing her struggles. He feels he has questioned her character and made her run away. He apologizes to Naira and also the judge for wasting the time by dragging the case to the court. He feels failing in his relations. He regards himself a bad person.

He feels sorry to hurt his family as well. He requests the court to hand over the sole custody of Kairav to Naira, since she is the best mother. He knows she has protected Kairav and will always take the best decisions for Kairav. Naira thanks Kartik for his big heart. Judge congratulates them for keeping their issues aside and deciding the best for their child. Naira knows that Kartik is also shattered within. She feels Kartik is a good father. Kartik withdraws the case in time and leaves from the court. He is much angered on himself. His guilt goes on growing. Naira fails to stop him when he drives away.

Kartik hurts himself in anger. Singhanias and Goenkas sort their issues after Naira’s truth gets known. Singhanias defend Naira. Suwarna tells them that both Kartik and Naira will decide everything for the betterment of Kairav. They await Kartik. Kartik sheds tears and curses himself. He feels he has failed as a husband. He wants Naira to hate him. He feels if Naira told his truth to Kairav, then even Kairav would have hated him. He hates himself for misunderstanding Naira. He understands Naira’s worth. He recalls the time when he got Naira insulted in the court. He remembers Naira’s sacrifices. He breaks down.

Naira gets applauded by her family, who find her very much similar to Akshara. Naksh praises the women power and courage to stick to their decision. They are glad that the case is over now. Naira wants to celebrate Kairav’s birthday. She meets Kartik. She finds him sinking in sorrow. They apologize to each other. She is grateful that he had withdrawn the case. He is thankful to her that she raised Kairav so well. He makes apologizes for all his mistakes. He counts his mistakes. He turns humble in making the confession. He feels she is the best parent for Kairav. He asks her to take Kairav to Goa if she wants.

He is happy that she saved his child, protected him and hidden his bad qualities from Kairav. He feels Kairav respects and loves him because of Naira. He promises to always support her in every decision. He tells her that he owes her a lot. He tells that he could have never tolerated Kairav’s hatred. Naira tells him that he is a good person and Kairav is fortunate to get him. She tells that she will always involve him in Kairav’s life. He curses himself, which hurts her heart. He asks her to punish him to relieve him from guilt. He feels he doesn’t deserve anything. He gets venting anger on himself. She asks him to relax and go home.

She pacifies him. Kairav misunderstands them since they look serious. He thinks they are fighting badly. He gets hurt and isolates himself. Naira promises to keep Kairav close to Kartik always. She reveals to him about Kartik and Kairav’s same birth date. Kartik gets a wonderful surprise knowing this. She invites him in Kairav’s birthday celebrations. He gets more grateful to her. Kartik and Naira share their happiness. Kairav turns angry and locks himself in the cupboard. Kairav goes missing, which shocks his parents and family. Naksh angrily blames Kartik for hurting Kairav’s heart. Kartik feels like a failed father.

Kumkum Bhagya

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