Bahuu Begum Evil conspiracy breaks Azaan’s family

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Bahuu Begum Evil conspiracy breaks Azaan’s family Ghazala insults Noor. Razia witnesses this. She tells them that she missed her flight and came back home. Ghazala tells Razia that Noor is committing a sin, she left the house at night, Azaan has gone after Noor to convince her. She asks Razia to believe her. Noor tells Razia that Azaan isn’t disloyal towards Shayra. Noor and Azaan are hiding something from Shayra. Ghazala misleads Shayra. She tells Shayra that Noor is with Azaan. She defames Noor and Azaan’s relation. Azaan asks Razia to hear the truth from him. Ghazala asks him what would he explain or answer them. Noor tells Ghazala that she was taking Azaan’s help.

Razia is worried that Shayra is missing. Azaan tells her that Shayra left the house in anger. He wants to explain the situation to Shayra. Ghazala tells him that Shayra won’t accept his cheat. Azaan asks her not to derive wrong meanings. Noor and Azaan will try to convince Shayra. Ghazala wants Noor out of the house. Azaan doesn’t want Ghazala to hurt innocent Noor. Ghazala throws out Noor. Shayra makes an entry in the house and withdraws support. She makes Noor out of the house, shocking Azaan.

Later, Ghazala blames Shayra for an accident. She starts calling Shayra a murderer. Shayra is much scared. She has hit Aladin by her car. Ghazala tells Shayra that she doesn’t want her to get jailed. She asks Shayra to go home to Azaan. She takes Aladin from there. She then lies to Shayra that Aladin is dead. Shayra rushes home to call Azaan. She finds Aladin dead. Ghazala acts to help Shayra. Shayra sinks in guilt of taking someone’s life. Ghazala targets both Noor and Shayra. Will Azaan be able to realize Ghazala’s evil intentions in time and save his family from falling apart? Keep reading.

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